6 watches you should consider for summer

Are you the type that
feels naked without their watch? Recently, I broke my watch, and with
such a hectic lifestyle, it’s unsurprising. My glasses always go missing , my finest jewellery disappears and I never have anything
clean to wear. But when it came to my watch, I just didn’t feel
complete without it. I’d had it a long time, I have to admit, but I
needed a replacement…and quick!
When you have a busy
family, time is of the essence and I had lost mine! Continually
looking down, I started to ponder my replacement.
In an attempt to save
some pennies this month, I have resorted to multiple tactics. From
keeping the lights and heating to a minimum now it’s coming into
spring/summer to arranging many free activities for the little ones,
it’s been surprisingly easy to become thrifty.
So, when considering my
watch options, I decided to treat myself. I mean, when it comes to
items like your watches, you pay for what you get and I needed a
sturdy yet fashionable piece. At first, I looked online and
discovered many options. From an extremely long list, I finally
narrowed down my choices to six and here were some of my favourites
from www.watches-of-switzerland.co.uk.
Which one do you reckon I went for?
Santos De Cartier Collection
A classic brand with an
even better style, the Cartier’s Santos De Cartier Collection made
the shortlist. With minimal and durable straps, I knew they would be
able to handle the likes of a
vibrant family and hectic lifestyle
Omega De Ville
Ladymatic Collection
I love the feminine and
luxurious designs in this collection with the face of the watch being
held by just a subtle bar no thicker than half a mm. In a range of
colours from rose to silver, I had a little too much choice…
Bell & Ross
Vintage Collection
With just three watches
in their vintage collection, Bell & Ross have definitely gone for
quality over quantity. Their style is very military-inspired with
clear dials and sturdy wristbands making them perfect for families in
a rush. I love the simple, clear design…
Chopard’s Happy
Sport Collection
Again, with just three
styles, Chopard has to be the most glamourous and luxurious watch
brand. The urban sports theme was again very strong in the
during the winter months and Chopard have reflected that
in their Happy Sport Collection. I absolutely loved the classic Happy
Sport with its duo colour scheme and beautiful clean face.
Oris Artelier
Technically men’s
watches, but many styles can suit a female just as much as a male!
Plus, you can get his and hers too. In this collection, I absolutely
loved the Oris Artelier style complete with traditional leather strap
and beautiful clockwork design you could see through.
GC Precious
GC Watches are
flawless. Swiss made, stunning yet practical, their Precious
Collection had this stunning white number complete with rose gold
trim and clear yet elaborate face. One of the more reasonably priced,
this one was a specific divers watch so you know it would be able to
handle the elements…
Did you guess
correctly? Well, although I haven’t made my final answer just yet,
I have narrowed it down to either the classic Oris Artelier or the
beautiful Chopard Happy Sport. Keep your eyes peeled!



“Posted in collaboration with watches of Switzerland”

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2 thoughts on “6 watches you should consider for summer

  1. I love the Oris Artelier, I always think men's watches are better designed than women's watches too 🙂

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