A family Domino’s pizza party

You’ll probably remember that a few weeks ago I was laid up with a flu like virus. I was left with NO energy and called in reinforcements to help with the children in the form of my wonderful parents.
Obviously I was unable to cook, or unwilling to force myself so we took advantage of a recent offer from Domino’s to have a pizza party.
With a budget in mind I headed online via my smartphone using the Domino’s app to see what deals could be had.
We had 4 adults and 2 children here to feed (not that I planned on eating much).
We decided upon the Big Pick N Mix deal which consisted of 1 large Pizza, 1 medium one, 1 chicken side, 1 other side dish and 2 x 500ml bottles of drink.  We also added a small pizza for the children.
Within the meal deal you can choose whichever toppings you wanted for both pizza’s customising with the sauce topping, cheese type and the base too.
Our pizza’s were Full House, Mighty Meaty and a Cheese & Tomato for the kids – we chose the Chicken selects and Potato Wedges too – something for everyone.
By using the app on my phone I could easily swap around a few of the ingredients substituting mushrooms for ham and adding Sweetcorn.
I was also able to track the order once placed. I ordered in advance for a set delivery time and then was updated throughout on its progress, from being prepared to being delivered.  Our order was delivered for the exact time I chose.
I was a little worried it may not have been enough for us all but actually we were left with half a large Pizza at the end and we were all full.
Pizza definitely goes down well in this household and a pizza party is perfect for when I can’t be bothered to cook or as a treat and with lots of different deals available you can find something which fits your whole family and save some money too.
I would have liked the bottles of drink in this deal to have been the big bottles as there wasn’t enough to go around but there certainly was enough food.
We were also sent a game of snap for after dinner entertainment – sadly Harry thought he was the entertainment and threw these up into the air and all over the floor when we tried to play, of course he found it highly amusing and Emmy got very cross.
Thank you to Domino’s who covered the cost of our meal.
Do you have a favourite pizza topping?  Do you order off the menu or make your own?

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