A fun filled day at Lollibops 2014

This year we attended Lollibops for 4th year and for us this year was by far the best.
The change of venue was perfect – OK I’m biased as it was also the nearest venue for me, only a 30 minute drive however the space was well planned, on-site parking an added bonus and the lay out this year was better.
There was space for the kids to run around between events and shows, it wasn’t all packed in however you were never too far away from something to do.
As a parent of 2 young children,  Emmy is still young at only 4 and a half I often worry about the queues and them getting lost or bored.

I’m pleased to say I lost neither child, not for Harry’s want of trying sometimes nor did they get bored.
We planned our day with friends and wandered around mainly together.
We did what we always do and let the children lead the day, we went where they wanted to go and did what they wanted to do.
They bounced on the bouncy castle, they cuddled giant teddies, they found plenty of free sweets and drinks, played in the Little Tikes village, they sat on Thomas the Tank Engine,  met some of their hero’s.
They had their faces painted and in Emmy’s case TWICE!
At no point during the day did we rush around – OK I lied, at one point we did run into the disco in the VIP area to get out of the rain, which thankfully was shortlived and allowed us to carry on our day and have fun.

Even watching Justin live (yes, we watched THE Justin live again!!! My kids love him) we weren’t crowded.  We arrived 15 minutes before he was due on stage and took a seat on the floor rather close to the stage.  Our view was brilliant! Unlike last year where Liz and myself had to put the kids on our shoulders to see anything at all – crowd control is very important at Lollibops, everyone knows the main acts are very popular and everyone was made to sit down so the kids could see. It made it so much more relaxed and the kids could all join in and enjoy more.
It seemed there were less stalls selling things this year, it may have been as it was spead out differently but I did prefer this – much less “Mummy can I have?”
There were queues for a few of the activities pretty much all day so we just avoided those, sadly this meant the kids didn’t get to decorate a T-Shirt in the River Island tent but they wouldn’t have stood still that long.
We managed to pack so much into our day, we stayed longer than we have in previous years as at the end of a long and tiring day we could pack the kids into the car and not worry about navigating the trains while carrying sleepy children.
Roll on next year and year number 5!

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