A much younger me

I actually don’t have too many pictures of me from when I was younger.

That’s not to say they don’t exist, I just don’t have them here.  My Mum will have a lot in albums but from before the days of social media, days when taking a picture actually meant using a roll of film, taking it to the shop to be developed, waiting a week and then paying a lot of money for what you hope to be good pictures but in reality there are a lot with your thump over the lens or of the floor.

This concept is alien to my children, for them taking a picture means an instant picture where you can view it straight away, and they even have the luxury of rear or front cameras on today’s smart phones.

I wonder just how many of you have an undeveloped roll of film tucked away somewhere in the bottom of a drawer?  I know I found a couple when I packed up my bedroom at my parents house and moved into my own home – they were then tucked into another drawer never to be looked at again.

I doubt I would even bother to get these developed if I were to come across them again – it was a lifetime ago, many of the people on the film I don’t see anymore, many I probably wouldn’t even recognise.

It’s for this reason I don’t own many photos of a younger me. I was a lazy teen and didn’t own a smart phone until I was 18 and the others are in albums at my parents home.

I do however have a couple, so am being brave and sharing those with you – remember it was the 80’s that’s all that needs saying!

A younger meyounger me 2



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2 thoughts on “A much younger me

  1. So cute! It was so much more hassle to get photos, I remember going with my nan to collect her photos and every picture had chopped off people’s heads or the picture was of the grass!

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