Who am I? 

It’s been a while since I actually sat down and thought who I was.

That sounds silly doesn’t it but I’m not the person I used to be, things change and so do people.

So in order to tell you who I am, I think it would be easier to first tell you who I was…after all that is part of the foundations to building me.

Pre-children I was a Nanny working 11 hour days looking after 2 adorable children in a rural village. I was in this job for 6 and a half years and loved every minute of it. I started when the first child was 6 months old and watched the family grow and a new addition thrive.

This was my 2nd long term Nanny role, my previous I was in for 5 years and loved just as much. I started that job as a mothers help while still in college, then went to work in a day nursery for a year continuing this job in the evenings and eventually moving into a full time Nanny role. The family had 2 daughters aged 3 and 18 months with a boy on the way when I started.

Watching close hand families grow and being a part of that trusted family unit is so special, I was made a part of the family in each family I’ve worked for. This helped to enforce what I always knew…I loved children and wanted my own.

I was a party loving girl back in my early 20’s, either in a pub with friends or clubbing the night away…of course this didn’t go hand in hand with my job as I’d need to be up and out of the house at 6.30am to get to work on time so it moved to Friday and Saturday nights out only.

When Paul and I moved in together that had to stop as the money was needed elsewhere, so instead of going out lots our friends came to us instead.

Fast forward to getting married and having Emmy…

I only had 4 months off for maternity leave with Emmy, I went back to work when she was 12 weeks old (I had to leave work earlier than planned as I couldn’t safely drive to work anymore as I couldn’t fit behind the wheel). She came with me to work 3 out of the 4 days I worked and it was perfect – A working Mum who still spent all her time with her child (my mother in law and my husband looked after her 1 day a week).

After 7 months my boss decided to give up work and together we formed our own Nanny/Babysitting Agency.

It was harder work than either of us imagined and for me the timing wasn’t right as building up a successful business is really hard with a young baby. We lasted a year and did OK…it wasn’t for me but I’m so glad I tried.

That gave me to confidence boost I needed to walk away, to know it was the right thing to do for me at the time.

It was around that time I started this blog, a place to share Emmy’s achievements with family and friends.

It was here I announced my pregnancy with Harry.

Here I’ve shared my miscarriage posts, happy news, holiday fun, family posts, happy and sad news.

It’s here where I am happy and can be myself….if I’m sad you usually read about it, if I’m happy I would have told you why. This is my current job, what started as a hobby is now a full time job for me, it means I can be the Mum I have always wanted to be – staying home to care for my children.  It means I never miss an assembly or school pick up (only those in the pouring rain which I palm off on others).

So who am I?

I am me. I am:

  • A Mum
  • A wife
  • A professional blogger
  • A friend
  • A cook/maid/cleaner/dog walker
  • I am ME

I’m joining in with #Blogtober16 (a blog a day for October) or at least I’ll be trying to.



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8 thoughts on “Who am I? 

  1. Welcome to #Blogtober16, so glad you are joining us, you are probably one of the first bloggers I actually met ‘in real life’ and you are always there to lend a blogging hand if I have got stuck or done something wrong! I am loving watching Emmy and Harry grow, although its scary how quickly time goes.
    I am looking forward to reading your posts this month, it’s so lovely to actually find out more about the blogger xxx

    1. Thanks Mandi
      I remember that meeting well and it was a blast! Here’s to many more and you are far too kind and such a good friend – hoping I can keep up (holiday, birthday for Harry and Harry’s op this month so could be challenging lol)

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