A turning point #ThinkingSlimmer

I have been on a mission to lose weight for the past year.
I managed to drop 2 dress sizes last Summer in time for Britmums Live and I was happy about the way dieting was going but it was hard once the Summer holidays arrived as I was no longer walking to and from School every day, and to the supermarket.
That had a big effect on my progress sadly and of the almost 2 stone I had lost I put about half of it back on.  I was so upset with myself.
I started back on 5:2 but found it much harder to maintain and to keep up the fasts especially as the constant illnesses hit our household, the lack of sleep and my need coffee to stay awake greatened.
I guess there was always an excuse in my head as to why I would move the fast day back to tomorrow and then obviously tomorrow never does come.
I didn’t make any resolutions this year as I always beat myself up over not achieving them and that upsets me.
What I have changed and what has changed me already is working with Thinking Slimmer which is not a diet but a 10 minute recording which you listen to daily.  It helps to retune your way of thinking about food.  There is no diet involved that’s left to you.
I was very sceptical as to how listening to a recording could help me lose weight, I mean if I struggle with a set diet how could this help?
The only way to find out was to try it for myself.  I went in with an open mind as I do with everything and I’ve been amazed at the results in only 4 weeks.
Listening to the recordings in the evening was easiest for me as it’s quiet and I can listen undisturbed, I put the recording on while I settle to sleep and I am more often than not asleep by the end of it – this in itself is amazing as it usually takes a long time for me to unwind and settle to sleep.
I would say that 8 times out of 10 I’m asleep before the end of the 10 minute recording.
What I have noticed more is that while I haven’t dieted for 4 weeks, I have stopped calorie counting, I am more intune with what my body tells me – eating only when I’m hungry and not at 8, 12, 5 and snacking inbeween.  If at 11am I am hungry then I’ll have lunch early and not worry about it.  I’m not eating until it’s all gone though, my portion sizes are smaller and I am stopping when I am full – this I have always struggled with as I hate to waste food.
My clothes are looser again after 4 weeks, I am 8.5lbs down but I am eating better than I have done in years, making better choices, filling my shopping trolley with fruits and vegetables instead of snacks.
I’ve even started making up smoothies in bags to freeze for the mornings, this makes it so much easier not to skip meals as I just grab a bag from the freezer.
I started this journey for me but also for a medical reason – last year I was diagnosed with Familial hypercholesterolaemia which means I have high cholesterol but I have had it since birth, this does leave me a high risk of heart disease as the build up of high cholesterol levels has been present for so long.  By the age of 40 (5 years time) I am at the same risk of heart disease as a 70 year old.  I am now on tablets to control the cholesterol levels but I am keen to lose weight and improve my diet to help with this under advise from my doctor.
I am due for more blood tests soon so I am keen to see if my change in diet has had an effect on my levels at all.
I have 8 more weeks to go of listening to my Slimpod.
I’m not at my goal yet but I can see the progress I have made already.
Week 4.
8.5lbs down
Waist = -3.5cm lost
Hips = -5 cm lost
Thighs = – 4cm lost
Bust = Stayed the same
I have bought a new fitness DVD which I am enjoying, currently I am managing twice a week but I want to increase this and I have signed up for my local Race For Life.
Disclaimer:  I was given a Thinking Slimmer Slimpod to trial but have not been asked for a positive review – only to be honest.  You can see my results for yourself. 

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46 thoughts on “A turning point #ThinkingSlimmer

  1. The diet industry wouldn't be here if diets worked! They never do, and as a lifelong yo-yo dieter, I've more or less just given up with trying. I just want to eat healthily do some exercise and be what I will be! Glad the slimpod works for you, well done for your loss! x

  2. Lovely to hear how you are getting on and making more positive choices. You look so young for your age and all the very best on the health front. Thank you for linking up with Muffin Top Monday over on my blog

  3. Firstly you look great! The Thinking Slimmer sounds a lot like the Paul McKenna CD's and those have a wonderful result, I have been on a healthy regime since the new year and have started swimming and running , and anything else that helps! Good luck with your weight loss and see you in June at Brit Mums! x

  4. This is a really interesting product. I think most of the battle with weight loss is to change the way you think and the choices you make about food. This certainly sounds effective. You look amazing 🙂

  5. I did Thinking Slimmer last year and it really helped me. In fact, the husband said just yesterday that I should start listening to it again because I'm having trouble with my weight loss at the moment so I'm going to start again tonight 🙂

    1. Hope it works again for you lovely..
      That worries me about what happens when I stop listening, but hoping I will have changed my thoughts on food enough not to slip back

  6. You know what stood out for me is that you called it dieting. What you are doing isn't dieting, it is changing your lifestyle. It is about making healthy choices – well done

  7. You look amazing. I think being more in tune with our bodies would help so mny people – quick diets don't help in the long term. This sounds like it's having a really positive impact, it's a really interesting way to think about weight loss.

  8. This is really interesting. I would have been very sceptical too about something like this and it is great to hear it is working for you. I will have some weight to lose once the baby comes along but am rubbish at dieting! Something like this sounds like a great option.

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