Bad bad week – Illness, fall & car crash

Sorry I’ve been rather awol this week, I started off the week with such good intentions and had a few things to add to the blog too.

I’m planning on catching up very soon – here is why I’ve been missing in action!

On Friday 13th, Emmy had a fall down the stairs at a friends house.  We had gone to play and Emmy wanted to explore upstairs with her friend.  We had all gone upstairs (2 adults, 2 kids) and were on the way down when Emmy stepped on the small part of the step which bent round a corner slightly and somersaulted down the stairs hitting her head a few times.  She cried, had a cuddle and Calpol and was fine. Got up and started playing again.  When we left she fell asleep on the way home and went into such a deep sleep that I couldn’t wae her up – go grabbed Daddy and went to a&e to get her checked over.  She got the all clear but I felt better for checking she was ok.

On Tuesday Emmy had a fever all day which only dropped when dosed with Calpol or Nurofen – I was having to alternate between the two most of the day, she just wanted cuddles and we spent the WHOLE day watching Peppa Pig back to back.  She barely ate all day and just wanted Mummy.

Wednesday she was much better so we both went off to work, I left home early so she could have a sleep in the car.  Got to the school early and parked up – I was having a rough day myself so was sat in the front of the car feeling sorry for myself.  I was actually chatting with a friend on Facebook on my phone relaxed in the front of the car, seat belt off, handbrake on and keys out, Emmy asleep in the back. Next thing I know was my car being hit from behind shunting my car forwards into the car infront. 

One of the Grandma’s had hit my car, she admitted blame straight away stating that her foot had slipped and hit the accelerator instead of the brake. She also stated that it was the first time this year that she had worn her new UGG’s which were a bit too big.

My car now has damage to the front and rear from both impacts. The boot will not open so my Buggy is stuck in the boot and I had 2 car seats in the car which I now will not be using as they have been in an impact.

I received a call from the ladies insurance on the same day, however being at work I didn’t call them until the next day, I have also informed my car insurance, filled in the forms etc and have taken receipt of a courtesy car. My car will be off to the garage on Tuesday – it is however only an 04 plate Kia Rio so depending on the extent of damage may or may not come back home.

I also received an injury from this crash – my neck/shoulder was very tender to touch and visibly swollen and Emmy ever since has been really clingy and not herself, even screaming if put into the car and I am having to sit in the back with her to calm her down (she was asleep at the time but on impact woke up screaming)  I called NHS direct when we got home from work describing our injuries and was advised to attend a&e which we did – however were send home as was a 4 hour wait making it at least midnight until we would be seen.  We both went to the doctors on Thursday to get checked over.  I was advised not to drive as it would make my injuries worse – not able to do that one though as need to drive, but was advised to use heat pads, massage and anti-inflammatories to reduce the swelling and told it could be days, weeks or months until it improves.  Since Saturday I have been in agony with my lower back.

Today I received a call from the lady asking if I had been to my insurance company yet, which I had and asking my address again – which I gave her thinking it was for her insurance however when Paul returned from Tesco’s today he found a man walking around my car with a clipboard.  He told me and when I looked I saw the ladies car outside – she called me and asked to talk so Paul, Emmy and I headed outside.  She had brought a mechanic with her and he started moaning that I had gone through the insurance saying they wanted to put my car back on the road for me and if it went through the insurance it may not come back – I informed him I was aware of this but it wasn’t only my car that I would need repairing as I now couldn’t use my car seats or buggy.  Well after this it got rather heated and the words “we will get Rottweiler lawyers involved” were mention by him.  The conversation didn’t continue much past that as I was crying and Paul took me inside before it all got too heated. 

Needless to say it WILL be going through the insurance as not only am I hurt but so is the driver of the car I hit.

Please let next week be better!!

10 thoughts on “Bad bad week – Illness, fall & car crash

  1. Glad you are both ok. If this woman turns up again on your doorstep then you need to call the police. Plus how do you know he was a mechanic anyway – could have been anyone with a clipboard.

  2. You really have had a terrile week hun!! You already know my feelings on what this woman has done. She clearly didn't consult her 'Rottweiler Lawyers' before she came harassing you on your doorstep!! Really hoping things get better for you next week my lovely. Big hugs to you and Emmy xxx

  3. oh my god – what a cheek with the insurance – she's probably realised how much she's set to lose on her no claims – should have thought about that before wearing shoes that didn't fit and driving though! I hope you get it sorted out, and hope things calm down.

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