BML16: A reflection back over the past years

Well that’s it for yet another year, the excited build up gone and the post BML drag begins again – or does it?
It was my 4th year in attendance and each year it seems to change, sometimes little aspects such as where the drinks reception is hosted, a change of sponsored or like this year the fact it was reduced from 2 days down to 1.  Change is always hard, sometimes it works for the better and sometimes these changes fall flat and aren’t as greatly received as you would hope – I think that was the vibe taken away from this weekend from those I spoke with, everyone seems to feel it worked much better over 2 days (well 1 and a half if you’re picky).
I came away exhausted – trying to fit in speaking to all my friends I really wanted to catch up with, personally meeting the new ones I have spoken with online but not yet had the chance to meet, meeting with and speaking to the brands, attending sessions and of course not missing out on the fabulous keynotes and BIBS.  It felt too rushed this year, packed in and while I did manage to fit in nearly all I wanted, a few faces were missed off my list and a few boxes left unticked.
That said I still had a blast and enjoyed it more than last year – last year left me deflated and feeling stuck in a rut unsure what my next course of action would be but not wanting to carry on the course I was headed, something had to change and I thought that BritMums Live would provide some answers which sadly it didn’t.  It may however have given me the confidence booster I needed to go out and seek more opportunities alone, to have faith in what I can offer others and the ability not to shy away from selling some of the skills I have acquired from blogging.  I have since taken on the role of BritMums Blogging Tips Round-up Editor, am employed on a freelance basis as a writer for other sites, have secured a few new ambassador roles and signed a few of my highest paying contracts to date and have just branched out into the world of social media management.

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These are all new roles to me, things I wouldn’t have imagined having the confidence to do before but attending. These conferences helped to build that confidence and to see it grow – and while I do still hate blowing my own trumpet, I have learned that if you love what you do and are passionate about it then it’s actually OK to be a fan of yourself, you have to like yourself and what you do because if you don’t how will others?
This year won’t seen be madly rushing out to buy new domains and thinking of taking over the world like my second BritMums Live saw me doing just a few weeks after – I wanted to move away from ‘Mummy Blog’ and have a little part of just me out there, capture back that part of me pre-children and to share with others, of course I was still to keep this one running and have time for 2 or 3 blogs, well 2 years down the road I have just let that domain lapse and the hosting expire – there was nothing on it, money thrown away because quite frankly I just don’t have the time.
I do plan to restart this idea and to have a second blog but it will be a very slow starting work in progress and I won’t even attempt it until September when Harry will be in Nursery for 3 full days – there just aren’t enough hours in the day.
So, what have I gained from this year’s conference? New tips and tricks? New skills? NO.
This year was all about community for me because that’s what makes blogging great – it gives you a voice and it opens up the barriers for the shy, timid, the old, young – it is for everyone with no limits or exceptions. It allows you an insight into new worlds and experiences and through this sharing it brings you new friends.
This weekend has been about friends for me and I haven’t laughed so much in such a long time.  Thank you all.
I have really loved spending so much time with some of my closest blogging friends and spending time making friends with those I chat with online but hadn’t met yet, there are too many to mention them all here but you really do need to check out and follow these wonderful bloggers (in no particular order so no lynch mob please): The Olivers Madhouse, Life according to Mrs Shilts, Slouching towards Thatcham, Papa Tont, Me the Man and the kids, Inside Marytns Thoughts, Stephs Two Girls, PODcast.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to Glassy Glitter, my wonderful sponsor for BML16 this year.


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8 thoughts on “BML16: A reflection back over the past years

  1. My #BML was all about the people and the relationships which surprised me as I thought I'd be a junkie for all the sessions but I just sat back and chilled! It felt rushed towards the end though and there were so many people I wanted to meet that I didn't 🙁 #blogstorm

  2. Lovely post! I'm glad that I am not the only one feeling exhausted too. I love the picture of all the round-up editors. Also found it really interesting to read about how you have made it into a career. #blogstorm

  3. What a great overview and that picture of all of you roundup editors is fabulous.
    I didn't learn any new tips and tricks either but definitely 100% loved being there. Even bringing a baby was fine as she adored being fussed over. x

  4. It was great to meet you at the weekend! It was definitely a tiring weekend although I really enjoyed it and it was great catching up with people.

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