Brio Firefighter Set Review

Harry absolutely loves Firemen, I’m not sure if it’s the love of the Fire Engines themselves or the hoses or of course the idea of putting out the fires which he loves the most but he adores everything about them.

He can often be found running around the house trying to put out fires (pretend of course) and just loves it when our smoke alarm sounds as he can pretend to put out a fire (he does however call the smoke alarm a ‘Sausage alarm’ as it always goes off when we cook sausages).

He has just received a lovely Brio Firefighter set to play with, and although on the basic side he really loves it.

brio firefighter set reviewThis set includes:

  • 1 Train Engine
  • 1 Trailer with hose
  • 1 Fire Engine
  • 1 mini station
  • 1 Tree
  • 1 Fire
  • 1 Fireman
  • 1 Level crossing
  • 10 track pieces

This is a very simple track set up with no real need to look at the instructions to set it up as most of the pieces are curved track piece, as long as you keep them all following in an almost circle adding the 2 straights you really can’t go wrong – in fact it is simple enough to be child’s play and Harry had no difficulties in putting this together.

BrioBrio firefighter setThe Fire Engine comes with batteries included, thankfully, and by pressing the yellow button on the top it will start the lights and sirens.

When the sirens start the train can be pulled/pushed along the track along with the trailer which contains the fire hose.

The Firefighter can them jump into action to put of the fire.

Of course this set requires your child’s imagination but that is the wonderful thing about Brio train sets – no electronics just pure and simple fun!

Brio firefighter set reviewWhen the Fire Engine isn’t in use it can be stored away in the station ready for action.

Harry has had lots of fun with this set even building little fires in the middle of the track with stick before sounding the sirens and placing the fire hose in the firefighters hands ready to put out the fire.

What I love about all Brio sets is they can all be added together and the track all connects so you can easily extend all of your original sets and make them as big as you like.  This set would fit perfectly with the Brio Fire Rescue Emergency set.

Suitable for ages 3+ and available from priced at £39.99


Disclaimer: We received this item in exchange for this post


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