Build a Bear – Review

I’m sure there isn’t a child around who doesn’t know what Build-A-Bear Workshop is.  Emmy has seen the store but hasn’t shown an interest until recently when the adverts have been on TV.

We were offered a build-a-bear review and I knew Emmy had gotten to the age where she would enjoy it and understand what it was all about.

We headed to Lakeside last week with an over-excited girlie to make her first ever bear.

build-a-bear,, make your own bear

After being slightly over whelmed by the ‘friend’ selection Emmy chose matching bears for her and Harry. She wanted them to be the same and was insistent that Harry’s was Blue.

Next Emmy chose the sound the bears were to make.  Hers says “I Love You” and Harry’s Giggles.  Instinctly she automatically grabbed a heart to put inside each bear and then came to filling there bears. 

build-a-bear,, make your own bear

Emmy enjoyed stepping on the footplate to operate the machine which adds stuffing inside the bears.  Both of their bears were soft filled so they were cuddly.  Emmy kissed the hearts and they were placed inside the bears along with their sounds before being sewn up.

We then chose outfits for the bears – well Emmy did.  Given free reign she chose a Princess dress and pink shoes for her bear and black trousers, a pirate t-shirt and super hero shoes for Harry’s.  We then took then to the bears ‘dressing room’ to get them dressed which Emmy loved.
build-a-bear,, make your own bear, build-a-bear costumes, build-a-bear outfits

These are their bears.  Emmy had a great time and is already picking out her new bears party clothes and accessories.

I must admit, so am I.  The bears now need these:

build-a-bear,, make your own bear
We also have birth certificates for our new friends – Emmy’s is called Cuddles and Harry’s is Bluey.
I’m pretty sure all children would love this – I’m yet to meet one who wouldn’t.  Emmy carried her bear all around Lakeside and has played with her daily since and Cuddles has slept in bed with Emmy too.

To see the full range of bears and accessories available visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: We received our Bears and outfits free of charge however this has no influence upon this review – we love them and will be adding to our collection soon.

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