Can You Help Your Teen Learn To Drive?

As a parent, you want your teen to have all the life skills they need for the future as they head out into the big wide world. Right at the top of the list is driving. Driving opens up plenty of opportunities, whether it is work-related or leisure activities. You can always sign your teenager up to a driving school, but you can also do some things that will help them learn to drive. Here are some…

Practice tests with them
Studying for a theory test may be difficult for some, as there are so many topics to cover. Learning all the rules, regulations, safety measures, and road signs may be daunting to some teens, especially if they’re balancing driving lessons with academic study. You can help by going through the questions and answers with them.

Learn the rules yourself
You may think that you know everything about driving, but some rules may have changed since you learned how to drive yourself. Make sure that you are updated on the latest rules and regulations when driving, so that you give the right instructions to your teen. You’ll probably learn something and become a better driver yourself as a result!

Offer to go out onto the road with them
Another way you can help your teen learn how to drive is to practice with them. Spend a few hours a day and ride with them while they practice. They will be able to build their confidence easier this way if they have someone in the vehicle they are comfortable with. Remember, be calm when in a vehicle with them. You don’t want your teen to feel nervous when driving with you.

Help them with problem areas
Some teens may have difficulty in some aspects of driving, such as parking. If you find that your teen has a specific problem, lend a hand to improve their skill. Be patient and explain how you would do it, and allow them to do it themselves. If they make mistakes, point it out to them in a calm manner, and allow them to practice until they get everything perfect. Show them how you would do it and talk them through each step as you go.

Give them your full support
Sometimes, just giving your teen the push and support that they need is enough to help them learn how to drive. Show your support by encouraging them to learn, egg them on to book regular lessons even if they’re struggling, and be with them when the time comes that they have to take the driver’s test. You might feel the need to offer them an incentive to pass the test – such as a present or cash towards a car.

These are just some of the ways you can help. Remember the useful acronym ‘pass’: Practice, advice, support, stress relief! With each of those you’re bound to ease the burden on your teenager as they prepare for the all-important test.
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