Christmas Gifts to Make Your Friend’s Life Easier

A fear for many of us at Christmas time is that we buy someone a gift, only to have it disregarded and forgotten after Boxing Day. Sometimes you just don’t know what someone will want for Christmas. So this year, why not think about something they need? By going down the practical route of present buying, you can be rest assured knowing that your present will be appreciated, and used throughout the year.

Reusable Coffee Cup

For the coffee lover in your life, a reusable cup is a great present idea. Not only does it show a thoughtful element to it – you know how much they enjoy going out to get a coffee, but it also helps the environment. Coffee shop cups can’t be recycled because of the plastic layer in them so they create a lot of waste. By getting your friend a reusable cup, they can help save the planet. Not to mention saving a few pennies here and there, as lots of baristas offer a discount with reusable cups.

Thermal Slippers

So many of us get given socks for Christmas. There’s nothing wrong with that, after all, we do all need socks. However, this year you can get your friend or family member some fancier footwear. You could get them a pair of thermal slippers, which will make their feet lovely and toasty over the cold winter months. Coopers of Stortford have a wonderful selection of gifts for you to choose from.

Record Cleaning Kit

If you’ve got a friend who’s obsessed with music, the thought of choosing a new record for their collection is a daunting task. Instead, you could opt for a present that can help your friend keep their current collection in pristine condition. A record cleaning kit could just do that. There’s plenty of other practical options for a music loving friend. You could explore the gadget options – like headphones or Bluetooth speakers. Try and sneakily check with your friend to see what they already have.

Travel Bag

For the friend that’s always on the move, you could get them a travel bag. They have so many pockets, even your most organised of friends may struggle to fill them all. It’s a perfect option for someone who takes a lot of trips. There’s plenty of space for their passport, tickets, purse and the other daily essentials they need for their journey. Most are also made from anti-theft material, keeping your friend’s possessions extra secure.

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