Competition to win a lovely Cleaning bundle from Natural and Clean

Recently I was introduced to a MUST have household essential from a company called Natural and Clean, this item was Whoops a-daisy! This is a powder made from absorbent crystals which can be sprinkled onto everyday spillages such as urine, blood, food and drinks.

Natural and Clean are  UK’s cleaning specialists who offer a wide range of innovative and environmentally-friendly household, travel and pet cleaning products to leave your home fresh, clean and odour free.  We tried out some of their household and pet products a short time ago – you can read our thoughts here.

Very kindly Natural and Clean have offered an amazing prize bundle for our anniversary celebrations.  I have split these up so we can have 3 winners and I would like more of you to benefit from this competition:

Prize Bundle 1: (£32.76)

Prize Bundle 2:  (21.98)

  • Prize Bundle 3: (£15.24)
      To enter this competition to win one of these 3 great prizes please fill in the Rafflecopter form below – This competition will end at midnight on 22nd January.
      Good luck everyone.


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    39 thoughts on “Competition to win a lovely Cleaning bundle from Natural and Clean

    1. I couldnt live without stardrops, its so gentle but great on everything from windows to floors, the bathroom and kitchen and i even use it for washing our washable door mats in (not too much or you get too many bubbles) x

    2. I couldn't live without washing up liquid because as well as washing dishes I water it down and use it as a spray for other things

    3. Thanks for leaving your web address on my facebook page – I needed a reminder! Sorry I've not been over hear recently. I have subscribed so that I can keep up with your posts and feature you on Britmums newbie tuesday soon!

    4. I couldn't live without dish scourer & surface cleaner. I need to find a bleach free cleaner as I keep bleaching my bath mats when I clean the shower with bathroom spray!

    5. Good Morning! I'm a professional cleaner and I couldn't live without microfibre cloths. They cut cleaning time in half, and make everything lovely and shiny! It wouldn't let me type my twitter name, but I do follow I am @12LuDo. Thank you. x

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