Cosatto Troop Ladybug car seat #review

Recently Harry had started to dislike his car seat preferring to sit in Emmy’s seat with the impact shield which left Emmy with no where to sit.
Cosatto came to our rescue and sent Harry a Troop Car Seat in the Ladybug design (this was my choice as it is just SO cute).

Cosatto Troop Ladybug stage 123 car seat
Isn’t that just the cutest design ever?


The Troop car seat is a stage 123, this means it is suitable from aged 9 months all the way through to aged 12 years!  Once moving from an infant car seat you will NOT need to but another car seat again if you choose this one.
The Troop has many amazing features including the ability to fix into the car with Isofix point or without, making it a great seat compatible with most cars. 
Our car doesn’t have Isofix points but that isn’t a problem as there is a lever at the side of this seat (see the grey lever in the picture above) which you move backwards to extend the Isofix fixing bar should you need it or just leave these fixing points safely tucked up inside the seat unit if are not using them.
My first impression’s on this seat were that it is huge – this is needed though if it is going to be used up until the age of 12.  It is bright and colourful and very well padded.  I’ll be honest with you I would sit in it if I fitted!

Cosatto Troop, Ladybug, group 123 care seat, impact shield, review,, 17 month old in a troop car seat, 17 month old using impact shield


The Troop car seat when used with ages 9 months – 4 years is to be used with the impact shield – this is a bumper which fits over the child’s legs and slips snugly onto the seat.  To fasten the seat belt with the impact shield on you pull the belt out and fasten the lap belt under the clips on the shield, plug into the clasp and pull tightly, the rest of the belt is then tucked under the clips on the shield which you then make sure is pulled tightly and isn’t twisted.  This makes the seat very secure and provides added support if you were to be involved in an accident.

Recline on the cosatto troop car seatThe Troop can recline slightly which is handy as Harry sleeps in the car often.

There are catches on either side of the seat which if pulled out allows the seat to recline a little before securing in place with the seat belt.

It is only a slight recline which is less than Harry is used to which worried me a little as I thought he wouldn’t sleep in it.  I was wrong!

Cosatto Troop, Ladybug, group 123 care seat, impact shield, review,, 17 month old in a troop car seat, 17 month old using impact shield, sleeping baby in the troop car seat
Sleepy boy

Harry finds it really comfy, some times he sleeps sitting up and other times he uses the shield as a pillow – he does sleep in it nearly every time we go for a drive.

He has really embraced the change from a 5 point harness of his old seat to this shield.  He now climbs into the seat himself and sits down ready, he then lifts his arms up as I put on the bar and say “up, down, yay” and claps himself!  My little cutie.

For children aged 4 – 12 you don’t use the shield.  You fix the seat into place with the seat belt as you would a normal high backed booster seat.


4 year old in the cosatto troop car seat, cosatto troop car seat, review


Unfortunately in this picture Emmy was craning herself upwards to get a glimpse of Butlin’s and the red coats as we had just arrived on holiday (we are inside the camp here and just pulling up to the hotel), when she is sitting down properly the seatbelt is over her shoulder and her head half way down the head rest.
As the children grow there is a handle at the back which you pull upwards and the headrest extends and the sidewings extend.
Seat specifications:
  • Group 1, 2, 3 carseat
  • Suitable from 9 – 36 kgs (9 months – 12 years)
  • Universal fit when used without the ISOFIT system
  • Semi universal fit with the ISOFIT system
  • compatible to use with standard 3 point seat belts
  • Easy to install
  • Forward facing on both front and rear seats
  • ISOFIT system for optimum security
  • Side impact protection
  • Protective impact shield
  • 2 position seat angles
  • 2 position seat back recline
  • 5 position headrest heights
  • Sidewing and headrest to adjust with your child
  • Washable covers
  • FREE 4 year guarantee (UK & Ireland only)
  • Compiles with European Standard ECE R44.04
Both Emmy and Harry love this car seat, not once has Harry complained about going into it as he did with our old seat.  Very padded, comfy and stylish too….what isn’t to like?
The only problem I have encountered with this is that when I unbuckle Harry he likes to push the bar off himself – a little bit of independence I think, it is then a little trickier to remove the belt from the shield and I often forget which makes strapping Harry in again a bit harder as I need to remove the belt first and start all over again.  I find it is much easier to remove the belt when you unstrap your child than it is to get them to sit still long enough to remove and start over again on the next journey.
We highly recommend the Cosatto Troop which is available online from and is priced at £220.
Disclaimer: We were sent this product for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own unbiased views.


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25 thoughts on “Cosatto Troop Ladybug car seat #review

  1. I have a cosatto which I have to admit I don't get on with as Eliza can escape but this looks like something even she couldn't get out of! She needs a new car seat so will look into this one

  2. That looks super comfy and safe, I haven't seen a car seat with the built in impact bar. Great colours. x

  3. I'm never quite sure about the whole impact bar thing – I can't get my head round it! He looks really comfy tho.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. i have to say although to me this looks uncomfortable being bent forward sleeping like that, and i would of loved to see more recline, I do however adore the colourway though 🙂

  5. Cosatto can always be relied upon to make bright and eye catching designs. Harry looks ever so comfortable in there. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  6. I love the design on that, so cute. I've never been sure about the seats with those bumper bars, however, he looks so comfy in there, I can really see the benefit!

  7. It does look good – very similar to the "Kid" seat which everyone coveted years back but which was only available in the USA. However my kids would have got SO hot in it! The recline function is great though, and missing from too many seats for older children.

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