Emmy’s first day at pre-school

Well actually it was the first day at her new pre-school as she did a term at another school before the summer holidays.

Last night Emmy went to bed excited saying “I go School tomorrow” and “I play with my new friends”, however a little later on she started saying “I not got School Mummy, I stay with you.”

I knew she would be fine and joked around with her saying “No Mummy has to do the boring jobs at home”.  First day nerves were kicking in for her.  Luckily by the time she woke this morning at 6.20am she had forgotten all about the nerves and excitement overcame her again.

Thinking we would have lots of time this morning we both had a leisurly breakfast, read some stories, watched some TV then had a mad panic when I reaslised the time was disappearing from us (how does that always happen on a School day?).

Then the normal battle started “I no wear that Mummy” throwing the clothes I had laid out the night before to the ground.  “I wear a dancing dress!!!”  Oh the joys of a 2 and a half year old who knows her own mind.  But the battle was she was not going to wear her party dresses to School (which is what she wanted).  Finally she agreed on shorts and a T-shirt and for once she let me comb and style her hair.

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Both Paul and I took her on her first day along with Barney who came along for the ride.  We do plan to walk to School as it is close however baby has moved meaning I’ve a trapped nerve in my back making walking nearly impossible and extremely painful so we are driving unil I can walk properly.

Without batting an eyelid when the door was opened this morning we helped Emmy to chose her own peg to hang her bag onto (this had spare clothes in as she now wears Knickers) and off she ran after putting her teddy in and her dodo (dummy) into her bag herself!!  She found the dolls house and didn’t look back. 

I filled in the forms, handed over her registration money and offered to show her where the toilets were, to be responded to with “NO Mummy, teacher can do it”…..and off they went together happily without a goodbye or a tear.

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We are both very proud of our little big girl and she is very excited about going again next Tuesday and Thursday.

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Proudly clutching her drawings she did of a Tiger for Mummy and waiting for a cuddle.

Not forgetting it’s hard work all this playing and being 2 – look what happens:
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