Fireworks and Sparklers

Emmy has always been fascinated by fireworks.  She loves the idea of them but hates them, they scare her silly.
She loves the colours but hates the bangs.
She is happy watching from a window.

For my nephew’s 18th birthday party my Brother and Sister-in-Law threw a fireworks party,  I didn’t tell Emmy as she would have worried.
When it came time for sparklers she really wanted a go like Harry was however the fireworks were still being let off so she wouldn’t join in.  Even when my brother promised to stop the fireworks so she could join in she refused and was trembling terrified.  We ended up having to leave early as she as terrified of them and just clung to me frightened.
Ever since that party in November Harry has been asking for Fireworks and Sparklers.  Infact it’s become a standing joke with him – whenever he wakes up he instantly says “Fireworks, me see Fireworks”, and when he goes to bed he stands at the window looking for the Fireworks. 
He happily stood outside for the party and ohhhh and awwwww’ed at all the colours and the bangs.
We hadn’t gotten a chance to get some more Fireworks since then, even though we had promised.  Paul however surprised the kids and brought some home with him when he finished work on New Years Eve.
He was very thoughtful and spent a long time choosing a small pack of ones for children – this meant they weren’t loud overbearing ones but nice gentle and quiet ones.
Both children were so excited – Emmy was wary and as soon as the first was lit asked to go inside to watch.  We expected this and let her do what she was happy to do, she still enjoyed them but from the safety of indoors.
What we didn’t expect was for Harry to grab at me, pull himself up and bury his face into me.
He shouted to come inside and wouldn’t even watch from the window, he kept trying to drag me away to the other side of the room saying “me scared Mum, me scared” and “cuddle me Mum, cuddle me”.  He didn’t really see any of the Fireworks this time around, poor little man.
Even now he won’t talk about them and if they are mentioned says he is scared.
How strange that the roles reversed so much in one night and the quiet ones scared him more than the big noisy ones.
Emmy did finally get her go with the sparklers though and she loved them – the joy on her face was fantastic and she is now asking for more.

Harry did have a turn with the sparklers before the Fireworks were lit however I has watching him too closely to take any pictures.

Although they weren’t outside for very long they enjoyed the sparklers and the only day we have had recently without rain.

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22 thoughts on “Fireworks and Sparklers

  1. What a role reversal! At least both of them now like some kind of fireworks 😉 They can be loud and scary at times though, especially for little ears. The sparklers look like lots of fun!

  2. It's such a shame that both Emmy and Harry were so put off by the fireworks. It can be difficult to gauge with children what the actual problem is. It's great that they both got to have a go on sparklers at least, Emmy looks really pleased having one in her hand. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  3. I understand this totally! I always loved sparklers, and love watching fireworks, but I still hate the bangs. That's never left me (and I'm no longer under a child, you'll be surprised to know!)

  4. Sparklers scare me but I do love them and have great memories of them as a child. I wish more fireworks were bangless…it's all the colours which is the nicest thing.

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