First term of school – We survived!!

That’s it, the last day of the first school term is here and we are still alive!!
It’s been tough on EVERYONE!
We have all suffered, and we are all left a little jaded and scarred BUT we did it and thank goodness half term if just around the corner.  It can’t come fast enough.
Roll on 3pm then no school until the 4th November.
School is tough on everyone we have learnt.
I expected Emmy to find it hard, she was used to doing 3 half days and 1 long day in her Nursery, so she sent from being able to rest all morning, doing her own thing and no rushing to needing to be up – that was hard to start as she had begun to sleep in until 9am, to being out the door fed and dressed at 8.30am.
What I forgot was it’s hard on everyone else too.
Harry was rushed to eat breakfast, had clothes thrown on him and I was too. 
Getting 3 people up, dressed, fed and looking at least half presentable for 8.30am isn’t easy.  Factor in poorly children being up all night and the last thing any Mum wants to do is paint a smile on and make chitchat in the playground for 10 minutes, I’d rather 10 more minutes in bed!
Hair needs brushing and usually plaiting – she like to have it the same as her friends.
School germs are what we are suffering with most – this term alone Emmy has had 7 days off sick, 6 of these were for the same virus which turned into an ear infection which was missed by the doctor and therefore prolonged.
She has a nasty cough currently which she can’t shift and has lingered for around 2 weeks so far and we are all suffering from a cold which doesn’t want to go away.
She has had her school photo’s and actually managed to stay looking half presentable for those, walked up to church to participate in the Harvest festival and had a glowing report at parents evening.
She has survived her teacher leaving after the first 5 weeks to go on maternity leave and is adjusting well to her new one.
She has formed a bond with 2 special friends and they do everything together, they seek each other out in the morning and stay together all day long, it’s really very very cute – even if Emmy did have to be moved from the carpet away from her friends one afternoon for talking too much!
We can’t wait for half term and actually have made NO plans except for a weekend away to Park Resorts Camber Sands at the end of the week. 
We WILL have pyjama days and quiet days as we all need them now.
Have you found this first term tough?  Are you looking forward to Half Term?


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11 thoughts on “First term of school – We survived!!

  1. We are so ready for half term too, my youngest doesn't start school til next year, but my 11 year old is ready for a break from school and I am ready for a break from the school run- I think the 3 year old will prob miss his 3 mornings at pre-school though, as he loves doing all the activities on offer!

  2. It's flown by, doesn't seem like 5 mins since summer but it has been tough. Eldest settling into sixth form and younger three growing up fast too.

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