Growing konfidence swimming #Swimologist

As you know Harry is a Swimologist for Konfidence.

His role involves testing out the swimwear and what better way to do so than in the water itself.

Konfidence have paid for Harry to attend 2 terms of swimming lessons with Aqua Babies at our local Marriott pool.

He has attended 4 lessons already so I thought it time for an update on how he is getting on.

For his first lesson our Konfidence swimwear hadn’t arrived so he went in with his old swim trunks on and a swim nappy, within minutes he was shivering and halfway through the class his lips turned blue and he cried non stop.

This first lesson started well, he was shy of the teacher and whenever she spoke to him he would cuddle into me and refuse to do anything at all.

This didn’t change in the first lesson.  He wasn’t keen.

I smiled, laughed and tried to keep it fun but he wasn’t having any of it.  We left the lesson and I was a little deflated if I’m honest, I had high hopes and he loves swimming too.

Week 2 and his kit had arrived.  I made sure I put it all on him in a bid to avoid the shivering and blue lips.  He had on his Aqua Nappy,  them his Neo Nappy and then his Konfidence Babywarma.

We couldn’t resist the clownfish designs!
It turned out the pool was actually warmer today anyway but he was far more comfortable in the water. No tears or clinging onto me refusing to do anything.
He joined in, splashed when asked, kicked when told and dug through the water with the other children.

He just loved that he was able to climb out of the pool on his own although did then try to run off instead of jump back in!
Lesson 2 was a vast improvement upon the previous lesson.

Week 3 and I decided to leave off his Babywarma as it was so warm last week…..big mistake! It was freezing again in the pool.

One thing I’ve learnt is to expect the water to be cold in our pool sadly!   I’m not making the mistake of leaving the vest off again.

This week saw Harry thrilled to be in the water, laughing about and joining in with EVERYTHING asked of him…..well except the jumping in!  He seems to finally have found something he is scared/cautious of and sits down on the side instead.

He was a bit of a teachers pet today with all the praise he was getting for doing it all SO well.

Week 4. 

This was last Thursday and I’m still beaming at his progress. My baby can swim underwater!  He can swim himself to the side of the pool and then proceed to climb out to safety.

He is only 19 months old!

When I release him underwater facing away from me, he is now able to turn around and propel himself to the surface.  When swimming underwater and released he can find the side safely. There are no tears when he is underwater,  no fear or worries from either of us!

This week was Harry’s favourite as they introduced a large float.  The children had to stand at one end, run across and jump off the edge into Mummy’s arms. 

While not at the jumping stage just yet he loved it so much he screamed when the game was over. They then played wobble jelly on the float – sitting on top while we shock the float like jelly until they fell off – he got the giggles at this one and kept shouting ‘agan agan’ (again again).

It is safe to say that Harry adores his new Swimologist role.

We’ve 6 more lessons left and will be bringing you a full review of his Konfidence swimwear very soon.

Thank you Konfidence Harry is becoming very water konfident and is having so much fun.

Disclaimer:  As a Swimologist We have been gifted swimming lessons and the above swim wear as part of our role and in exchange for an honest review.

3 thoughts on “Growing konfidence swimming #Swimologist

  1. Really enjoyed reading this post. Lovely your little boy gets to enjoy the and swimwear because of your blog 🙂
    It really made me smile to hwar how much he is enjoying it. I am a swimmer myself and now with a 3month baby he seems to be a little water baby already 😀 xxx

    1. Thank you Jen.
      I believe it is very important to teach babies and children to swim. So pleased your LO is enjoying the water already.

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