Grubby fingers and fabrics don’t mix

When we bought my in-laws house from them 9 years ago we inherited some of the furniture which they no longer wanted.

This suited us well as we couldn’t afford to buy brand new. We always had plans to change these when we could afford to however never got around to it.
Then the kids can along and these things as always get bumped down the list of priorities.
However it’s now got to the time where we can’t ignore the state of the dining room chairs any longer. The seats are coming away from the wood and the fabrics are threadbare. Not surprising really considering how old they are.
But what do we replace them with? I’ve been looking for child friendly options and have decided that fabric seats while comfortable just aren’t child friendly – kids messy fingers and these chairs dont mix and you can’t remove the covers.
My only option I think is to buy wipeable chairs and possibly add a cushion or booster cushion for the kids chairs (Emmy’s currently but Harry’s when he gets bigger) I think these booster cushions from Minene would be a perfect for the children as you can attach them to normal chairs and they also have storage for crayons and a colouring book too.
By adding booster cushions the kids will have a comfy seat and we are able to remove them when needed and can then wipe down the new chairs – this will also be handy when entertaining as we can just remove the cushions and will have enough chairs for everyone.
I’m now torn I’ve chosen the chairs I like but now can’t decide between which colour chair I like the best…

My kitchen has Yellow walls and we have many Blue accessories.
Which do you like?

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