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This week I am off of holiday to Cornwall, so with the house sitter and dog sitter all in place, our bags packed and being as organised as I possibly can be I have handed over the blog to some wonderful bloggers who will be helping to keep you entertained this week.
With the choice of topic left entirely up to them, you will find a mix of different writing styles so without further ado I pass you over to our first guest post from Beth who blogs over at Twinderelmo.
Beth is no stranger here on this blog and has guest posted for me previously (see her post on Mummy guilt and asking for help) so it is a huge pleasure to welcome her back again – you’ve not scared her off yet! So be kind and leave her a few comments please.
Beth is a busy Mum in her 30’s based in Shropshire, near the Midlands. She lives with her husband, son and identical twin daughters.  she is a stay at home Mum blogging her way through her crazy and hectic days.
Over to Beth on the subject of Friendships:

“There comes a point in a friendship sometimes where you realise ­it’s just not the same

anymore. I’m at this point with someone who I used to message daily and share some of my

inner deepest and darkest feelings with. And I can’t help but feel a little sad.

You see, a friendship triangle is never going to work really is it? The girl I used to have a close

relationship with also has a close relationship with a girl that I really dislike. I’ve tried to get on

with her but I constantly feel as though she looks down on me and that when it’s group chats,

my messages are dissected and ridiculed. The “friendship” makes me feel as though I’m back in

the playground and it’s not healthy.

In response, the friendship has slowly filtered out and I’ve realised that a real friendship would

not cause these silly childish thoughts on my part.

It is hard when someone you like gets on so well with someone you really don’t. The mention of

their name, a Facebook check in or anecdotes of their fun days fills you with dread as you don’t

know how to respond.

Is it jealousy? I guess a little part is. Why don’t they want to be THAT close to me? But in reality,

some people are never destined to be that. I am so lucky that I have a best friend and a close

circle of other friends that I trust implicitly. There’s no mind games, feelings of jealousy or

rejection ­ just a solid relationship.

I don’t make friends easily. I bet after reading this you’re not all that surprised! However when I

do, I try my best. I’m honest and loyal but as I get older my tolerance and willingness to make

new friends is on the wane. I’m happy with the circle I have and whilst I feel sad that the

friendship with this lady has slowed died out, I now realise it never was that strong in the first


I think we can all relate to this post in some level, whether that be in our school or our adult years.  We all change, life situations evolve and sadly the friendships move along also and sometimes it moves along leaving someone behind and it really sucks to be the one left out however it does then leave room for new friendships to evolve and these can perhaps be better and longer lasting than the previous.
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