How to Start Your Kid in Dance Lessons

Starting dance classes is an exciting adventure for parents and children. The art of dance can sponsor a positive self-image in kids. When you introduce your child to dance early enough, she will develop a passion for rhythm.

When to Start

According to some schools of thought, you should enrol your child in dance classes as early as possible. If your child is 4-6 years old, you need to consider her emotional maturity before signing her up for any classes. If she is a very shy child, forcing her to attend classes could make her hate dance. However, if you think that she is ready and willing, an early start will give her a great boost.

Find the Right Studio

When choosing a dance studio for your daughter, you need to consider the type of dance style that she prefers. Not all dance studios are made equal, which means that you need to do proper research to ensure that your child gets the best dance lessons. Make sure that you choose a studio that is in close proximity to your residence to make it easier to get your child to class on time.

Choosing Dance Styles

You need to make sure that your child is interested in a dance style before you enrol her in it. You should not force your child to enrol in a dance class that you like – your taste is not the same as hers. Most little girls dream of becoming ballerinas, so you should consider starting with ballet.

Dance instructors for kids usually offer mixed classes to make it easier for the little ones to choose their favourite dance.  You might be surprised to learn that although your child likes jazz, she wants to dance ballet.

Dressing for Dance Classes

The most exciting part about starting dance lessons is shopping for tights and shoes. If you do not know what your child will be wearing to class, you should ask her dance instructor. Make sure that you involve your child when shopping for dance costumes such as leotards and ballet shoes | ballet slippers – Just for Kix.

You should have her choose her favourite colour when selecting dance costumes. Doing so will make your child feel special and encourage her to be a better dancer. Dance clothes are usually smaller than normal clothes so your child has to try them on before you make the purchase.

Because children are always growing, you might be tempted to buy bigger clothes that they can grow into, but you should resist the temptation.

Having Fun

Although dancing can be fun, it is also lots of work. However, if you enrol your child in dance classes at a young age, it will feel like fun instead of a chore. You should watch your child as she practices to see if she is smiling and enjoying herself: if she seems miserable, you should talk to her to find out what is wrong.

The highlight of the year when it comes to dancing will probably be the dance recital. Dance studios usually have recitals at the end of a dance year to allow the kids to show off what they have been learning. Moreover, a recital allows your child to gain some stage experience.

For most parents, preparing children for their dance recital might be stressful. However, it will all be worth it when you see the smile on her face as she performs on stage.

Most instructors recommend starting dance at a young age. At this tender age, your child will take instructions better and learn confidence. Dance can foster self-discipline, grace, poise, and self-confidence.

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2 thoughts on “How to Start Your Kid in Dance Lessons

  1. Thanks for the tips for helping my daughter start dancing. She suddenly has the urge to try dancing out, so it’s good to know how to get her started. She wants to try ballet first, like you said, so I’ll start looking at potential studios.

  2. There is nothing more adorable than children learning dance! And yes, I love the advice of starting them out young – it’s the best way to have them look at it as a fun activity where they can make new friends, wear different outfits and feel energized afterwards. It’s a great foundation for building confidence and a love of feeling healthy in children.

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