Is there such a thing as TMI? Here goes – TMI Meme

I’m not sure whether or not to be thankful or run for cover by the fact that I’ve been tagged by +Liz Tumbridge (Hart of the Munchkin Patch) and Sarah (My Beautiful Three) in this meme.  As the title suggests they want me to share TMI by answering some questions.
Is there actually such a thing as TMI?  I write a blog, I over share on a daily basis anyway so the chances are you have probably already heard these answers at some point over the almost three years I’ve been writing this blog.
Here goes:
1. What are you wearing?
Currently, while snuggled on the sofa I’m wearing a black tunic top with bat wing sleeves and jewels on the top,  teamed Boot cut jeans adorned with sparkly beads all over.  These are pre-children jeans, not at all practical with the kids as they are scratchy when they sit on my lap – however they fit!! THEY FIT! I’ve lost over a stone and a half recently and am rediscovering clothes which fit again.
2. Ever been in love?
Well of course, I’m married after all! 
I’ve thought I have been in love before getting together with Paul at the age of 21, infact I was engaged before Paul and I got together – to his best friend…..maybe that’s a whole new post there – he was even our bestman at our wedding.
3. Ever had a terrible break-up?
I usually got in there first as I’m mean like that, but of course you don’t get to the age of 34 without being broken hearted a few times but I was young so always bounced back.
4. How tall are you?
5ft 2 inches – well I always was however the scales in Tesco seem to think I’ve shrunk an inch sadly.
5. How much do you weigh?
11 stone 4.5pounds.  Back in January I was 12 stone 10, I’ve upped my exercise and cut out the rubbish foods some of the rubbish foods.
6.  Any Tattoos?
Yes, a single red rose on my right shoulder.  Rose was my Nan’s name and she meant a lot to me.  I am currently deciding on my new one but it’s taking a while to choose – I want something with both children’s names on.
 7. Any piercings?
I’ve my ears pierced twice although I rarely wear earrings these days as Harry pulls them.  I had the top of my ear pierced, along with my nose and my belly button – long since removed.
8. OTP?
OK, I’m 34 and obviously not down with the kids anymore as I’ve no idea what that is.
9. Favourite show?
I’m an Eastenders girl, it’s set up on series link so I don’t miss it, I also love Two Broke Girls.
10. Favourite bands?
Always has and always will be Take That!

11. Something you miss?

Sleep, going out of a weekend and a hot meal – honestly what does food taste like when it’s hot? I’ve completely forgotten, and a hot cuppa!

12.  Favourite song?

I can’t choose just one, there are 3:

  • Robbie Williams – Angels
  • The Police  – Every Breathe You Take (we had this as our first dance at our wedding)
  • Joe Cocker – You are So Beautiful (Emmy & Harry’s song)

13.  How old are you?

34 years young who am I kidding I’m tired and feel old.

14.  Zodiac sign?


15.  Quality you look for in a partner?

Someone who makes me laugh and appreciates me for all my imperfections.

16.  Favourite quote?

17.  Favourite Actor?

Tom Cruise – It maybe  height thing

18.  Favourite colour?


19. Loud Music or soft?

Soft, unless alone in the car then loud

20.  Where do you go when you are sad?

Always to my Mummy or my Mother-in-law

21.  How long does it take you to shower?

About 3.5 minutes, I’ve got it down to a T, it involves having the bathroom door fully open (shower room is downstairs), holding the shower door shut with my knee while Harry tries to hand me cars and toys.  Washing my hair quickly before Harry turns on the bathroom taps changing the temperature of the water in the shower, while shouting “Emmy can it wait 2 minute’s please, I’m almost done!”

22.  How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

5 minutes and that includes the 3.5 minutes in the shower and putting on make-up

23. Ever been in a physical fight?

No, but I did once get a black eye by walking out of the school gym and straight into a punch meant for someone else.

24. Turn on?

Being treated like a lady, helpful and thoughtful gestures – being wooed

25.  Turn off?

Laziness and being taken for granted

26.  The reason I started blogging?

For family to keep track of the children and to record memories.  The idea was to print off as a book for Emmy to keep, although it now may a HUGE book.

27.  Fears?

Lots of irrational ones surrounding my children – I want to bubble wrap them from the world

28.  The last thing that made you cry?

Hearing my mother in laws Cancer had spread

29.  The last time you said you loved someone?

Putting the kids to bed

30.  Meaning behind your blog name?

Ummmmmm, I bet you can guess that yourselves!

31.  Last book you read?

Little Miss Contrary – it was Emmy’s bedtime story

32.  The book you are currently reading?

Do recipe books count?  I actually haven’t read a book since I was pregnant with Harry, there is just NO me time EVER!

33.  Last show you watched?

Big Bang Theory

34.  Last person you talked to?

Paul, he is sitting in the same room as me now

35.  The relationship between you and the last person you texted?

Friend, I am looking after her little boy for her tomorrow.  I told her to make sure he is wearing old clothes as we will be making mud pies in the garden.

36.  Favourite food?

Crispy duck and pancake rolls – damn I now NEED a Chinese!

Photo credit: BBC Food Recipes

37.  Place you want to visit?

I would love to visit Prague and have even been looking at Prague city breaks while day dreaming.

38.  The last place you were?

Local shop buying Milk and Eggs, oh and Emmy was with me so we also ended up with Strawberry milkshake and sweets

39.  Do you have a crush?


40.  Last time you kissed someone?

Tonight putting the kids to bed

41.  Last time you were insulted?

I actually can’t remember!  I’m sure it must have been recently but I chose to ignore

42.  Favourite flavour of sweet?

Does chocolate count?  NO, Liquorice then

43.  What instruments do you play?

Nope really, an ex did once teach me the guitar and I taught myself the keyboard but I can’t remember how to play either

44.  Favourite piece of jewellery?

My engagement ring and my locket with the children’s hair inside

45.  Last sport you played?

Does tickle fights with the kids count?

46.  Last song you sung?

Row, Row, Row the boat in the bath with the kids and the Paw Patrol theme song

47.  Favourite chat up line?

No idea, they are all pretty lame

48.  Have you ever used it?

I’ve never used a chat up line

49.  Last time you hung out with anyone?

Ummmmmm, do the kids count? If not I honestly can’t remember as ME time is none existent. Roll on BritMums.

50.  Who should answer the questions next?

Passing over to the lovely Elaine (Love Life and Pixels) and Aby (You Baby Me Mummy)

I can’t wait to find out more about you both.

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