It’s been a banging kinda day

It probably goes without saying that the theme for today has been fireworks.

We started off today painting firework pictures:

I used all of our glitter paints and the brightest colours I could find in our art box and poured them into a catering tray.  I them gathered together thinks we could print with and roll in our paint – we used cars, balls, straws and cotton reels to create our pictures.

Emmy had great fun painting her fireworks – I intended to use black card however we had run out so used brown instead.

While the paint was still wet we decorated with sparkly pipe cleaners, star stickers and sparkly gems from our bits and pieces box.

We then went on to make a model firework.

Fireworks pictures, Entertaining Emmy, Post-It notes,

For this we used a toilet roll which we rolled into the sparkly glitter paints and waited for it to dry.

Once dried I drew around one of Emmy’s small plates and cut out the circle, I cut a slit to the centre and taped it into a cone shape.

By cutting slits in the top of the toiled roll and fanning outwards we then glues the top of our firework into place.

By cellotaping a straw into the middle of the toilet roll it gave us a stick to fly our firework into the air.  We finished off our firework by cutting some Post-It notes into strips and attaching onto the bottom of the rocket using the sticky part – by using the Post-It notes it made it easy for Emmy to stick them on and eliminated the mess as by this time I had tidied away the paints and she was already dressed for school.

Firework pictures, Entertaining Emmy, Post-It Notes,

We of course finished off our night with a mini fireworks display in our garden – only a small one but that was enough.  I’m lacking pictures for obvious reasons, I was busy carrying Harry and cuddling Emmy.  We started off watching wrapped up warmly outside but Emmy got scared so we retreated inside where they enjoyed it more.

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