Karen’s Crafty Sock Monkey Giveaway

A very good friend of mine has kindly donated the next prize for our Anniversary giveaway.  She is a lovely lady and also very talented – Karen has the Facebook page – Karen’s Craft Sock Monkeys and has some wonderful Monkey’s over there as well as Pigs, Panda’s, Cows, Cats, Elephant’s and many other animals.  Karen also makes bags and keyrings too.

I have to share with you some of my favourites:

Karen also has an album of socks on her page so you can customise your own animal – If you don’t see what your looking for just message her and she will do her very best to help create a perfect creation for you.

Now for the prize, Karen has made this lovely Monkey and Taggy Blanket for our giveaway:

I have had to hide him away from Emmy who has taken a shine to him, so for your chance to win this prize priced at a very reasonable £8 please use the Rafflecopter form below.  This competition will end at Midnight on 28th July – Good luck

a Rafflecopter giveaway

58 thoughts on “Karen’s Crafty Sock Monkey Giveaway

  1. awwwww thats a tough one cos I love rabbits (especially my house rabbit Rex who wouldnt dream of stepping outside of the house brrrrr – he looks at me with that "I dont think so" face and hops off back to the warmth and comfort of any room of the house – I think hes spoilt LOL) but I also love owls (never owned one and Im scared of birds that flap their wings or fly so cant go near them but its the mystique of them, their educated faces, their gorgeous eyes, the imagined silkiness of the feathers, the authoritive stance, I could go on and on LOL)

  2. Giraffe! Such elegant long necks but then they look so cute and awkward when bending down with their necks trying to reach grass.

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