Making the most of the weather

You’ve all heard it said before, there really is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.
Well thankfully Emmy and Harry certainly agree as it’s been rather horrid here for the past few days.
With cabin fever setting in, boredom, fighting and far too many toys being tipped out all over the house in a bid to hide away from the rain, we all decided to embrace it instead.
Getting ready for torrential rain takes a little longer however after around half an hour we were able to escape the house today.
Once outside no-one wanted to return, except maybe the dog as we were having far too much fun.
Puddle jumping was of course in order, pretending to swim down the road, singing in the rain and general fun and frolics were had by all.

 How have you been spending the wet horrid days?

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13 thoughts on “Making the most of the weather

  1. My Toddler LOVES the rain. She gets so excited when she sees her wellies as she knows it means puddles. Trouble is she ALWAYS wants her boots and doesn't understand that we can't puddle jump on dry days.

  2. Great post. We've been out in our wellies and raincoats this week too. I love it when the rain stops, clouds break and the sun breaks through. You appreciate it more then x

  3. Ohhh we love the rain! We went splashing in the puddles the other day. We enjoy the weather no matter what. 😀 Glad you've been enjoying the bad weather an making the best of it, hehe. xx

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