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Recently Emmy was put forward for extra Maths classes in school, I had always been told she was good at Maths but she has started to struggle a little as the work is getting harder.

I am of course grateful she is getting some extra help but wish I had been told a little earlier so I could help her myself at home a little.

I’m not a huge fan of sitting kids down with a workbook however and prefer the learning through play approach so have been trying to make things fun for her and it has been working – she is currently off of school poorly but asked me to draw her Maths squares so she could fill them in – we have been doing these together all weekend and she’s not tired of them yet.


These are set out like a crossword grid with the across squares being unit values and the down squares being the 10’s values.


I have also purchased number cubes for her and an abacus so we can play games and she can work out the answers easily – she is fine if she can use her fingers but bigger numbers require a little more help (and she can’t get her toes out at school so has to learn!)

maths-helpWith Emmy only being 6, I am happy to help her myself at home and obviously accept the help she is being given in school – however should she still struggle later on then I would happily look into home tuition for her as I know from personal experience just how helpful it can be to children where numbers don’t automatically click into place.  I had to retake my Maths GCSE as I only achieved an E the first time around, with extra tuition and guidance I retook this 2 years later and received a grade C which is what I needed to get into my college course.

In the meantime I am looking at some more Maths games to help make learning enjoyable for her and have this on the way from Learning Resources which look SO much fun.

high-sea-adventures-gameThe High Seas Adventure game is suitable for children ages 5 – 9 years and players have to flip the cards over and make 10 before they are able to move forwards, this can be done using 2 cards or 3 cards depending on how difficult you want to make it.

I know this is a game we will all enjoy playing as is also a great introduction to adding for Harry.

We have also been doing a lot of baking this weekend, Emmy has been measuring the ingredients for me and adding into the bowls, we have then been noting down how much of each ingredients are needed and adding those up – just because – any thing you can do to help make numbers fun will help your child to learn through play and everyday tasks.

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3 thoughts on “Maths games for children

  1. And yes. There are lots of different enlightening numbers games that are accessible, such as card online games and board games. No question you will rapidly experience that there are many great card games as well as board video games that can assist your child to strengthen their mathematics skills. If your children are just starting to find out regarding varieties and forms. Some children may have problem with mathematics due to the fact that of a short focus period, as well as using computer games is an excellent way to maintain their attention while they learn math.

    If your youngster learns in an even more typical way, there are several great publications that teach more pertaining to numbers also. You can discover great publications for each level of numbers that will aid you kids comprehend the ideas in an entertainment way. There are books on graphing, geometry, and other types of mathematics too. Even though they are publications, they do not need to be boring; in fact, many of these mathematics publications have Disney characters or other characters that your children will understand and enjoy. Little ones that adore Disney personalities will definitely no uncertainty take pleasure in a mathematics book that has their preferred personality showing them concerning numbers.

    My best to you in your endeavors.
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  2. Hello Clare

    Many little ones find mathematics to be complicated and annoying, yet there are some means to prevent this from occurring. Introducing your children to mathematics while they are young may assist them come to be recognizable with numbers as well as it will certainly aid them comprehend them too. One exceptional means to introduce your children to mathematics is to make use of the various numbers video games. These video games are normally a ton of fun as well as teach your kids that mathematics can easily be interesting. When your youngsters associate finding out numbers with entertainment, no uncertainty they will do a great deal better in their math lessons at college.

    Best of luck to you and your kids.

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