Meal time family divides

It’s funny the things which you do daily which you just assume are natural and your way is the correct way isn’t it?

Making breakfast for instance, I am more of a coffee drinker and since getting my Nespresso machine in the January sales it is done on auto pilot, pod in, machine on, coffee is poured and then the only decision is whether to have hot frothy milk or cold milk.

Tea drinkers like my husband have more to think about and its a tougher job…so he tells me, its apparently an art. Tea bag in first, sugar and then hot water finishing with a tiny) and I mean tiny bit of milk…he hates it when I make a cuppa for him as I bung it all into a cup first then the hot water goes on.

It’s things like this which I just never really thought much about, I guess each family has their own ways of doing things.

Delicious toast with jam and cup of tea on table close-up

Only this week did the playground discussions amongst us Mums turn to toast.  It appears this is just as tricky as making tea for many families.

I personally like mine when the bread has only just turned to toast, more like warm bread and then I have to add the butter straightaway so it melts in, Paul however likes his coloured and toasty/crispy but with the butter straight on so it melts but he has to make sure the butter is spread all over.

The kids like theirs the same way as me, but that’s probably because I always make theirs.

The playground conversation turned up some surprises however and it seems that cold toast is popular, some even going as far as standing toast in a v shape to cool quicker and then buttering when it is cold only.

Others liked burnt toast….that to me is just wrong!

What is has proved however is that everyone like things differently

Because Paul and I like our toast differently I deliberately purchased a toaster which could cook 4 slices, since our playground conversation I have now started looking at Toaster oven reviews, I didn’t even know these were a thing but now I have been introduced to them via one of the Mum’s I now feel I have to try one out as they could toast my muffins, cook a baked potato and even a pizza.

What other things do you cook or make differently in your home?

Spaghetti Bolognese is another which divides us – I like mine with the with the Bolognese in a pile in the middle as does Paul, Harry likes his mixed together and covered in cheese while Emmy isn’t keen on the sauce so has only a tiny bit on the side of her plate and her cheese covering her spaghetti.

What are the things which divide your family?

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