It’s about time to teach Independence

I’ve been a Mum for just over 8 years now and a Mum to two for 5 and a half years and it’s about high time that some of the things I, as a Mum, do for the children. Yes, it’s my job to make sure all of their needs are met but the kidsRead more

5 things which will provoke kiddie tantrums

things which will provoke kiddie tantrums

Kids are so very highly strung aren’t they? They become emotional at the drop of a hat, any slight change or wrong word can set them off and send them over the edge without any warning at all. They can change in seconds from loving angels to the devil child who you’d happily give awayRead more

Understanding your newborns cries

**This post is written in collaboration with Care** Baby’s cry – FACT It’s their way of communicating to us in the only way there are able, this could be because they are wet, tired, hungry, ill etc. and as parents we do eventually work out what they are trying to tell us. I remember beingRead more

Top Tips for encouraging children to be active

Top tips for encouraging kids to be active

Welcome back to another post in my this increasingly popular blog series Top Tips from a Former Nanny, today I am sharing my top tips for keeping children fit and active. With children spending an increasing amount of time sitting in front of the TV, playing on phones or tablets it isn’t surprising that childhoodRead more

Top Tips for dealing with Eczema and Dry Skin – Babies & Toddlers

Top tips for dealing with Eczema

*This blog post is in collaboration with iHerb* As a former Nanny (and former Nursery Nurse in a Private Day Nursery) of 14 years I have cared for numerous babies & toddlers, and it is safe to say that no one skin type is the same. Each child is unique and therefore has individual likes,Read more

Top Tips for preventing headlice/dealing with headlice

Top tips for treatinf headlice

Having been a Nanny for 14 years it’s a given that over those years I have had to deal with those pesky bugs a few times, there is nothing to be embarrassed about and they can be found on all hair types, boys and girls, adults and children. We all dread being handed those lettersRead more

Top Tips from a Former Nanny: First Aid Essentials for every home

What to keep in a first aid kit

As many of you know prior to being a Mum, I was a Nanny for 14 years. It was a job which I loved and which I was happy to leave the house at 6.20am for and not return home until around 7.30pm most days. I would go in with a smile and leave withRead more