My Little Pony: The Movie


I was a huge My Little Pony fan growing up, I had all the figures and would play for hours with them. Emmy now has the same love that I had.

With the new My Little Pony movie hitting cinemas on 20th October just in time for half term, we were lucky enough to head to London last weekend for a preview screening. Emmy invited along her two best friends and all together we boarded a train and the girls became giggly with excitement.

This new feature film is a spin off of the much loved TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

The movie starts with a friendship party being planned in Equestria, with Twilight Sparkle taking charge of the festivities. As with most parties in movies all doesn’t go to plan and gate crashers arrive in the form of villain Tempest, the right hand pony to the Storm King.

The Storm King is set to take away the pony Princesses super powers with the help of Tempest to do his evil bidding. Tempest sets the Princesses in stone however Twilight Sparkle manages to get away and hide with a few of her friends.

Tempest is a pony turned evil because at a young age she had an accident where her horn was removed, with a lack of powers she went to live alone and with a found her dark side, teaming up later on with the Storm King who promises to fix her horn if she steals the Princesses powers and gives then to him.

Twilight Sparkle heads off to find the Queen of the Hippos with her friends, trekking across the desert and stumbling into Klugetown. There they come across some shady characters but are saved by a finely dressed cat called Capper. He tells them he will show them the way however he actually plans to sell the pony friends to settle his debts.

The pals escape and realise they actually need to find the Queen of the Hippogriffs not the Hippos as first thought. They head off finally in the right direction stowing away on a courier ship, which actually turns out to be a Pirate ship.

The crew actually work for the Storm King but with a few choice words and of course a happy song and dance number the friends remind the crew that they were great Pirates and they turn their back on the Storm King to help the friends on their quest.

Arriving at Mount Aris, where the Hippogriffs live, the friends search for the help they need, only to find the Hippogriffs have disappeared.

All is not lost and they have all turned themselves into Seaponies to hide away from the Storm King who has also destroyed their home and turned many ponies to stone.

Now I won’t reveal the rest of the storyline as that would spoil it completely but its a movie about friendships made, lost and rekindled. Trust, betrayal and helping each other are the key themes and its all packaged together with bright rainbow colours, songs and lots of cute friends.

The girls all loved this movie, although during a few scenes with the villains they did jump onto the same chairs to cuddle each other – who’d have thought My Little Pony could have a few scary scenes hidden within?

This movie will be hitting screens from 20th October.

Disclaimer: We were guests of Lionsgate for this movie screening


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