New Amazon Fire 7 Tablet & Amazon Apps review

Amazon fire 7 tablet review

With the children seeing me spend so much time on my laptop, phone or even tablet (my job is online after all) it’s no wonder they are keen to play on their own when allowed. They aren’t the things they grab first thing in the morning and certainly don’t spend hours glued to them so I am happy for them to play on their apps, read books or even watch Netflix on in their rooms.

Both children have Kindle Fire’s, Harry has the Kids one because having the added security of free replacement should he brake it is always handy as after all he is only 4 and a half and accidents do happen, often in this household.

We have been sent the new Fire 7 to have a play around with recently and although we did have the old version when it was first released this one has a few added extras which have improved the user experience. It is thinner and noticeably lighter with a longer battery life and an improved vivid screen which provides better contrast and sharper text – which makes reading on it far easier on the eyes. It is also faster and more responsive and available in four colours – red, yellow, blue and black.

It also has Alexa (voice assistance) added to it which the kids just love, hold down the home button and ask a question, Alexa will then speak the answer to you. This has provided lots of giggles from the kids as they ask sensible questions such as “When did the last dinosaurs die?”, “What time does Tesco’s close?” (after I had told them it was closed because I didn’t want to go and by them a magazine) to “How much pocket money should a 7 year old get?” (Thankfully Alexa’s answer was !I don’t know that”) and of course the inevitable “What is farting?” questions. It’s a perfect addition to help children with their homework as they can access the information very quickly – although I did catch Emmy asking Alexa to do her Maths homework for her!  You can also use it to get news, weather and even music – I currently have it shuffling Ed Sheeran songs as I type.

With a retail price of £49.99 (although currently £29.99 on prime day sales) for the 8GB version this really is a great tablet for any member of the family and of course it comes complete with the Amazon App store which has over 800,000 apps available from free ones to paid there really is something for everyone. We have really been enjoying the following apps over the weekend:

Teach your Monster to Read

An award winning game which has helped over a million children to read. Priced at £4.99. First up you enter your name and can create a monster of your own. Then you are told a story of a monster crashing and trying to repair his spaceship. You then need to play games using phonics sounds to complete the levels and win prizes, you start by placing all the ducks in the ‘S’ pond, with a choice of 2 letters – obviously this is a little basic to start but perfect for Harry who is 4 and a half and just learning to read.

The games uses repetition to reinforce the teachings and is good to help beginners learn the basic phonic sounds as well as hand/eye coordination and listening skills plus it is fun at the same time. Each game is played 3 times to help ensure the children have grasped that lesson before moving onto another game – there are two different games to play on each level, each time you play you will learn a new letter sound.

Peak Brain

Peak is a personalised self-improvement app specifically designed to help you improve your Memory, Focus, Problem Solving, Mental Agility and Language skills with fun, challenging games, reaching goals and building healthy training habits. This is a free app.

You begin by choosing the areas you would like to focus on for certain skills, such as:


  • Remember multiple things at once
  • Recall the correct names with faces
  • Remember places and events


  • Juggle multiple responsibilities or projects
  • Notice patterns and sequences faster
  • Maintain focus during interruptions or disturbances

Critical Thinking:

  • Improve organization and planning
  • Manage time better
  • Effectely adapt to new rules or situations

ETC…there is a huge list to work through to begin your profile and start training your brain to become more efficient and effective – something I definitely need to work on myself. I have downloaded this for me as you need to be over 13 to create an account. You start of with a fitness test which tests your memory skills, apparently I performed better than 21% of users my age – possible a scary thought as I got a few wrong due to being distracted….but that is why I’ve downloaded this app after all so lets hope things begin to improve.

Thinkrolls Kings Queens Logic Physics

Educational, puzzler, logic, science, physics. For ages 5+ (115 puzzles for ages 5-8 & 113 puzzles for ages 8+) – cost £2.40

This is a game where you need to think out how to work out the puzzles in order to move onto the next level, of course it starts off very easy and then gets harder as the levels progress.

Each level is set within a castle with 18 levels per game, you roll your character around the castle to unlock the castle doors but need to remember to look out for other objects which could roll as well as your character, there are sequences which need to be performed in a certain order as the levels progress. You can go back if you make a mistake and need to start a level again.

You can find all the Amazon Apps available here.

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is an annual one-day Black Friday style sale allowing shoppers to get their hands on thousands of deals spread over 30 hours instead of the usual 24, with offers beginning at 6pm on Monday 10th July

A collection of Spotlight Deals will run from 6pm to midnight on 10th July, with others running from midnight on 10th July to midnight on 11th July, so shoppers will find new deals on both days. Deals beginning at 6pm on 10th include:

·         Up to 46% off Amazon devices – Amazon Echo at just £79.99 (£70 off), Echo Dot at just £34.99 (£15 off), Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote at £29.99 (£10 off),  Fire 7 tablet at £29.99 (£20 off), Kindle Paperwhite at £79.99 (£30 off), and more.
·         Up to 30% off Intel Powered Laptops
·         Up to 40% off Bosch Garden Power Tools
·         Up to 40% off Logitech Gaming accessories including G920 and G29 racing wheels, G430 headsets and the G403 Mouse
·         Up to 30% off beauty products from Olay, L’Oreal Paris, Elemis, Burt’s Bees and more including Olay Eyes Firming Eye Serum for just £10.04
·         30% off an LG 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV
·         Up to 40% off top Amazon Fashion Brands, including Calvin Klein, Gant and Tommy Hilfiger

Click here to find all the deals as they go live

Disclaimer: We received a Fire 7 in exchange for this post. Post contains affiliate links.



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