Paw Patrol Live 2018 Review

If you have children then you will have heard of Paw Patrol. Those loveable Pups get everywhere and during each episode, they save the day by coming to the rescue.

The pups, who all live together with Ryder, each have a skill and a matching vehicle to help them to do a job.

Once again in an amazing choreographed performance, the Pups took to the stage and we were able to take the kids to Wembley to see them live.

Paw Patrol Live is touring the UK, we caught them at Wembley but they are moving onto Bournemouth and Brighton for the final leg of their tour.

This year’s show was Pirate Themed as it was Pirate Day in Adventure Bay.

The Pups dress up as Pirates and the adventure begins when they need to rescue Cap’n Turbot from a mysterious cavern.  They find a treasure map have to solve the clues in a bid to beat Mayor Humdinger to find the treasure before he does.

The journey follows the Pups unravelling clues, helping each other when they are in trouble and problem solving along the way.

The costumes for the show are really amazing with the actors inside almost blending into the background so the kids completely forget they are there.

Harry was mesmerized throughout the performance and while Emmy was adamant she wasn’t going to enjoy it, she couldn’t help but laugh and smile joining in when she thought we weren’t watching.

This is really a show for younger audiences, Emmy was pushing the top age limits at 8 years old. Anything from 2 years to 7 years and they will be gripped by the show. Younger children would struggle to stay seated for the performance and it can get rather noisy as you would expect.

Watching the children in the audience was great to see, they were all bopping in their chairs or standing up to join in dancing when encouraged.

Us parents all seemed to be enjoying it as much as the kids too, it’s impossible not too when you see your children having so much fun.

The length of the show was perfect as they didn’t get bored and were always waiting to see if the pups would save the day, solve the clues and find the treasure first…….of course they did as you’d expect so I’m not spoiling anything for you here.

It was a rather sweet show, with the correct amount of audience participation, catchy tunes which were repetitive meaning the kids could learn them and join in too and didn’t drag as a few of these types of stage shows can do.

If you’d like to catch the last of the shows you can find a full list of tour dates and venues on the website.

A few tips:

Drinks and snacks inside these types of venues are always expensive, it’s worth checking to see if they have any restrictions as to whether you can take your own in. I always take in drinks, sweets and popcorn for the kids as they will ask for them inside and a bag of popcorn in my local shop is £1 while they cost between £6-11 in arenas.

Merchandise, of course, is on sale too, I let the kids take some of their Paw Patrol teddies with them so they didn’t ask when inside. I did however let them choose a flashing wand-type toy each which were £15 each.

Ensure you leave enough time before the show start time to collect your tickets if needed (queues can be a tad long for collection), and to get through baggage checks which all arenas have currently – pop your phone into your bag and empty your pockets in preparation and you’ll head through quicker. Open bags and be prepared for a quick inspection, this is for the safety of everyone and while it may take you an extra 10 minutes to get inside, I am sure you will all appreciate this is to help keep you all safe.

Pre-book your car parking if you plan to drive as it is always cheaper in advance and saves the hassle of finding a space on the day.

Have fun and remember to capture a picture of your child’s really excited face as they see their heroes on the stage for the first time.

Paw Patrol Live review

Disclaimer: We received press tickets for this show in exchange for this post, as always all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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