Peppa Pig Home & Garden Playset review

Both of my children have been fans of Peppa Pig from a young age, it is a programme which seems to capture young imaginations and they are entranced from the off. 
Of course Emmy has outgrown this now but Harry hasn’t yet and whenever Harry is watching you’ll find Emmy snuggled up close to him watching too but pretending not to.
They have both over the years had a few of the playsets which even now are played with all the time by both of them, so although Emmy no longer admits to watching the show she will happily sit with Harry and play with the figures.
The playsets and figures all resemble the characters from the show and children can relate them to their favourite characters.
Harry recently received the brand new Peppa Pig Home & Garden Playset and it was an instant hit.
This is a travel style playset which consists of Peppa’s house with a fold out garden area and a carry handle.  The front of the house opens outwards to reveal the garden area and inside you will find safely stored a seesaw, tree, bed, TV, fridge & Peppa and George play character’s.
Inside the house each of the rooms are decorated in a similar style and décor to the show with sticker decorations on the walls as well as 3D detailing such as the over, toilet and sink.
Children are able to move the furniture around the house placing in the correct rooms or of course in others if they desire and they can take Peppa & George into the garden to play on the seesaw.
Harry was particularly taken with the seesaw and the carry handle of this set, it was easy for him to pack all the contents inside again, with the exception of the seesaw and tree (these need to be stored at the top of the house due to their size and he struggles to slot them into place).  I think these should be a little smaller or the space to store them a little bigger as it can be frustrating for children to fit these into this space.
This is a smallish playset which can easily be taken on car journeys or to hotels for the kids to play with in the mornings or before bed. 
I love that the pieces all fit into the house and it closes firmly with a catch to keep them all in place.  Harry loves carrying it around from room to room and packing it all away again – which of course he does just to annoy Emmy when she wants to play.
This set is available from Argos for £19.99

Disclaimer: We received this item in exchange for an honest post, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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