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personalised suitcase

During my last weekend away at a conference my suitcase broke, it was one I’d had since my early 20’s so was rather worn and over used.

Looking around at replacements I knew I wanted to get something different, something which would stand out in a crowd. I go to at least 1 – 2 blogging conferences a year, one of which is BlogOn and for this we all take an empty suitcase to put our goodie bags into at the end – everyone always jokes that a suitcase really isn’t needed but believe me, you’d not want to carry home these bags. The trouble is that with everyone taking a suitcase and leaving in the holding area it can be hard to identify your own amongst the sea of others.

With perfect timing, Bags of Love came to my rescue and asked if I would like to design my own personalised suitcase.

I knew in an instant how I would like to customise mine and set straight to work adding the touches over on their website. When designing your own case you are have a lot of options available, you can add a single picture of your choice, overlay with text, or even add a collage effect using a couple of pictures or lots of pictures. You can have them in a line with a pattern behind them or even covering the whole case. The choice is really up to you.

You upload your chosen images to the site and then place and arrange as desired, you will be told on the screen if the image is too big or small (which would result in a pixelated image being printed). Once you are happy with your design you can view and change as required, add text etc. Then save and send your order over.

I wanted to have my blog logo on my case, without the writing. The avatar image I use on all my social media accounts. I have this image saved in different sized and formats but found that when I tried to add to my design the image was too small so would have resulted in a blurred design.

To combat this I made it up again by using separate images. I used the picture of Emmy and another picture of Harry (the ones I had especially designed for my logo) and then also added the background image I had saved separately. Firstly I added a blue background colour to my design, then overlayed the 3 pictures, adjusting the sizes until I was happy with the end result. (I later removed the hearts and paint pattern as it looked too crowded)

When uploading your images you can connect up to your Facebook and Instagram account to access your pictures directly from there, making it easier to add a few of your favourites.

I took a little time to play around with the image sizes, fiddle with the placing and colours etc. until I was 100% happy with the design. You can preview your case as you go along to give you a better idea of how it will look once finished, and if you do run into any difficulties they have a live chat  feature to talk you through any issues. When happy just save and order.

I was incredibly surprised at how fast the whole process was, in less than a week my customised case had been delivered via courier ready for our weekend break away with the kids at The Lodges at New House Farm. 

I couldn’t have been happier with my choice of design, there will be no hunting for my case in a crowd ever again.

The suitcase is a hand luggage/carry on case with a 4 wheel system with 360° mobility. It also has a TSA approved lock for security. You can set your own locking code but airport staff can open with a key should they need to. The zips for the case slot into the lock to secure them in place.

It also comes with a 3 year guarantee on the print and product structure, and comes with a protective bag to store your case in so that when not in use it won’t be scratched in storage – this actually make a perfect laundry bag when holidaying which is what I used it for on our recent trip, all washing was thrown into the bag and then could be put straight into the washing machine when we returned home.

This case actually holds a lot too, I managed to pack clothes for both Paul and myself for a weekend into it – which also included 2 thick jumpers.

Inside you can separate off the 2 sides, one obviously deeper than the other and both with zipped compartments to store valuables or toiletries separate from your clothes.

I am really thrilled with this case although the kids are now asking for one each for themselves…..I may have to add that to their birthday lists next year.

Disclaimer: I received this item in exchange in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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