Project 365 – Photo round up week 12

The dreaded illness has left us finally, and the madness of the pre-holiday washing and sorting has begun. 

This is what we have been up to this week – it will be more exciting next week I promise as we head off to Butlin’s for the week!

If you’ve been following my photo’s this week you’ll know my numbering has gone to pot having had two day 77’s – I can only blame lack of sleep but hey, what’s a day between friends?

Day 75

Harry was enjoying the sunshine this afternoon while Emmy was at School, I think he has been spending far too much time with his sister as he now copies EVERYTHING she does.  This to him was the funniest thing EVER and he could not stop laughing.

Day 76

I couldn’t resist treating the kids to some holiday clothes.  How adorable is this outfit for Emmy?  Harry also got two pairs of pj’s.  They are from Zulily. 

Day 77

How comfy does my little man look? He adores his new Cosatto Troop ladybug carseat.  He climbs in his self and lifts his arms for the impact shield and after the journey once I’ve unclipped the seatbelt he like to push the shield off himself.   Full review coming after our holiday.

Day 78

I realised recently that my old business cards had my old blog header on them and with a fantastic deal on from Laura –  Tired Mummy of Two and Moo I couldn’t resist getting some shiny new ones made up ready for Britmums and other events.  I got 50 cards for £3.90! You can find that offer here. It’s £3 if you are attending ‘Blog On’ and collect there!

Day 79

 Sticking with the theme of starting them young – Harry is having great fun with the toy ironing board and iron.  He even had a pile of clothes he was taking out of a basket and throwing over the ironing board.

He will made a fantastic husband one day and he will help with the household jobs.

Day 80

Emmy loves dressing up.  She is a proper girlie girl and loves beads, bracelets, pretty skirts and dresses.  Recently she has started to want to dress up more and more, copying her favourite TV characters.  Her dressing up box was beginning to annoy me as it was bursting at the seams with her clothes however meant she couldn’t find the ones she wanted.

Of course this meant the box was emptied all over the hall every time she dressed up.  Enough was enough and I cleared the spare wardrobe in her room of all the suitcases and clothes which no longer fitted her and were bagged up to give to charity.  She now has a place for them all, a box for her handbags and beads.  I’m sure this will be fit to burst soon but at least is can stay tidy – I hope!

Day 81

Today I am extremely proud of Emmy.  She moved up from her swimming class and into the next level and class.  (she will collect her proper badge and certificate next week which I will sew onto her swimming towel along with her other badge).

She has moved from red hats to orange hats and I am so extremely proud.  She loves her swimming lessons and has been so close to moving up for a little while now but had one hurdle to overcome – today she did it – she swam the entire width of the pool unaided with her face in the water blowing bubbles (she has been only 2 paces away before). 

Her teacher was so pleased with her and Emmy can’t stop telling anyone who will listen that she is going to Orange hats.

My very clever girl!

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