Project 365 – Photo Round Up Weeks 25 & 26

With Bitmums live last weekend I took the decision to miss posting last week – I had time to do so on the Sunday, although nursing a hangover which lasted all day would have proved challenging.
Britmums has made me relax move with my posting, if I miss a day who actually cares? Did you even notice?  I didn’t think so!
I’ve had a few early nights, I’ve stepped back a little and I’m way more relaxed.
One big difference these past two weeks is the lack of photo’s from me over on Instagram.  The reason for that is it’s BROKEN – it’s deleted itself from my phone and won’t reinstall.  So for the foreseeable future there will be no more IG for us – I admit, I’m feeling a little lost and have tweeted and emailed them with no luck.
Here are our past two weeks:
Week 25:


Day 166:
She does love her Bunny Rabbit – well she did up until 5 minutes later when he bite her.
Day 167:
A new sticker book – Hello Kitty
Day 168:
Making Strawberry cupcakes, we had over ripe strawberries to use up
Day 169:
Transforming the kids playarea #asifbymagic – post coming tomorrow
Day 170:
A shopping haul.  Emmy has had a growth spurt so I raided John Lewis for some new summer essentials
Day 171:
Britmums Live 2014 – drinks with Liz (Hart of the Munchkin Patch) and Joanne (Mummy 2 Five)
Day 172:
Another Britmums souvenir. I’ve the full set now, all taking pride of place on my kitchen shelf, no-one is allowed to drink them either! 
Week 26:


Day 173:
Harry Stokke Xplory was the only place he would sleep today
Day 174:
Reading himself stories in his new BIG BOY’S bed
Day 175:
Baby Annabel’s car is now Harry’s
Day 176:
Baby in a cage? Emmy was incharge for 5 minutes!
Day 177:
Emmy got her gold star in assembly for sitting nicely and being sensible
Day 178: –
We raised over £500 for The Lullaby Trust!!! The total is actually even higher now
Day 179:
My nephews 1st Birthday
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