Psychological Tricks for Self-Motivation

Most of the time, when it comes to being successful in our careers or personal lives, the only person that we can rely on to get there is ourselves. Self-motivation is vital to get ahead. It is the driving force that pushes us over challenges and helps us to focus on our end goals. But, it is also something that is hard to find and keep.

So, how do you do it? How do you keep self-motivation? Here are some psychological tricks that you might want to try out for yourself.

Stay positive

There are going to be things that happen in our lives. Things that throw us off course and make it harder to reach our goals. How you react to this is going to play a part on whether or not we keep going. Try, as hard as you can, to stay positive. It isn’t always easy, but some positive thought can have a huge effect on whether or not you keep going when you are faced with a problem.

Keep a track on your progress

Motivating yourself is so much easier if you keep an eye on how you are doing. After all, how else can you see how far you have come? Keeping a track on your progress not only helps to keep up your motivation, but it also helps with your goals too. You can think about how much you have yet to do and move any goals that you may need to.

Give yourself short term perks

Depending on what goal you need to focus on, it can make sense to give yourself some short term perks to look forward to. Need to write a report that is causing you a headache? Promise yourself when it is done that you can take a walk in the sunshine, looking to lose some weight? Why not say that you can buy a new outfit when you reach a stone marker? You will be surprised how much these small perks can boost your motivation to carry on.

Only ever compare yourself with yourself

One of the worst things that we can do as people is compare ourselves to other people. After all, they are their own people, doing their own thing. Instead, we should, as much as we can, compare ourselves with ourselves. After all, how we are doing, where we have been and what we are aiming for really is the only thing that we need to think about.

Remember that you deserve some fun

Much like the short-term perks, if you want to get somewhere, then you need to let your hair down. Have some fun, take some time off, after all, all work makes you a dull person and no-one wants that to happen.

Don’t fear failure

Failure happens, no matter what you do sometimes a spanner is going to be thrown in the works that can cause problems. Sure, failure isn’t nice, but that doesn’t mean that it is something that you have to fear. Instead, embrace it. If you think about it in a positive way, then if it happens, it really won’t seem like the end of the world and make you lose track of your goals.

Remind yourself why you are doing it

If you want to keep motivation, then a great way to keep at it is to remind yourself exactly what you are doing it. Having this in mind is going to help you to keep your eye on the prize. Which is great for those who struggle with motivating themselves.

Don’t be afraid to make changes where you need to

Along the course of any journey, there are going to be de-tours and changes to your path. These can throw you off course, but they can be a positive thing. If you need to make changes to your path, then see these in a positive light. After all, they really are not the end of the world. They are just minor blips in a much bigger picture that you should be focusing on.

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