Race for Life: So proud of my baby

You probably would have seen my Race for Life posts, the build up and the getting ready.
I managed a few training sessions with the plan being to run or at least jog the whole thing.
As the race neared Emmy began expressing an interest in joining me on the day, she was determined she would like to run with me.  Obviously she wasn’t sure on how far she would have to run/walk but when she puts her mind to something she often sees it through – she knows her own mind and is very determined too.

As the race neared our reason for doing this race became very poorly.  You’ve read my posts about this difficult time.  Very very sadly my Mother-in-Law Anne passed away the morning before and understandably our world was shattered and turned upside down.  She was an amazing lady and will always and forever be with us in our hearts and wonderful memories.
One thing I did know was that I would still race, the money raised goes to such a good cause that I wanted and needed to do all I could.

Emmy was just as determined and joined me happily.
She enjoyed getting ready and making her own race signs. Children under a certain age can’t register to join the race for life but they are allowed to join in.  She copied my signs for her front and her back and I couldn’t have been prouder.

I’m not going to lie to you, the actual race was tough.  Emotions were so very raw that I cried uncontrollably over the starting line with Emmy gripping my hand tightly.  Then we laughed and smiled and joined in with Nanny watching down on her.

Emmy kept wanting to jog so we did for a bit, then she tired herself out and we walked. We chatted and sang, held hands and enjoyed ourselves, remembering the good times, the jokes and places Nanny had been with her.  The whole atmosphere of this race helps to get you around the course,  everyone is united for the same reason to raise money for such a good cause.

I am so proud of Emmy, she did so very well. She made it to the 2k mark before I carried her on my shoulders.

I am already looking into signing up for next years race and forward planning with actually getting some training in so I can manage a jog or even just beat my time this year which was 56 minutes which considering I was walking around with Emmy and carried her on my shoulders for 3k I think it’s a rather reasonable time.

I will be signing up to the Kiqplan in advance for next year – this is a 12 week plan which is designed to get you race ready.  It is designed to help women of all ages, shapes and sizes and uses information from your activity tracker, smart phone or app about the number of steps you take and the calories you eat to design a personalised training plan for you.

I plan to give myself more than 12 weeks to get ready this time as life always gets in the way, as it did this year and then even with these I can fit in more training and complete the race for life again next year, and obviously set out to raise even more for Cancer Research.  This year Emmy and I raised £890 – although there is still time to donate!
I would one day like to attempt the 10k however this definitely won’t be possible with Emmy racing with me, I was however in awe of the ladies racing around and lapping me by my 3.5k mark and they were on their second lap for the 10k…..one day possibly.

Have you completed a Race for Life this year or are you signed up for one?  I would love to know how you prepared for yours and your reasons for doing the race.

I remain so proud of Emmy who at only 5 understood the importance of the race, what it was for and what the money was for (to an extent) and for wanting to race to make Nanny proud and happy. 

We finished the race hand in hand and at around 250m from the finish line Paul passed Harry over the barriers so he could finish the race with us – I carried him over the finish line while holding Emmy’s hand.

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21 thoughts on “Race for Life: So proud of my baby

  1. What a fantastic thing to do, well done to you. She did an amazing thing and congratulations on the money raised. It is a really positive thing to do for loved and lost ones

  2. Oh my goodness Clare what an achievement – for both of you. Must have been amazing to have her join in with you but it must have been so emotional too. Huge congratulations, what a brilliant thing to do x

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