Review: Karcher Electric Broom K65

As you know I’ve 2 kids and a dog so there is ALWAYS some sort of mess to clean up, I have to hoover my hallway carpet daily due to the moulting dog, throw the kids into the mix and I sometimes need to get it out up to 3 times a day.
Of course this is a complete pain so I either have to pretend I don’t see the mess, hoover or get out the dustpan and brush.
All of these options are annoying if I’m honest, I’m not one who can ignore it so it’s sweep or hoover.
Now we all know how messy using a dustpan and brush can be – will all good intentions, not all the dirt goes into the pan, I often end up spreading more mess around or Emmy wants to ‘help’ – meaning I may as well have just left that mess to start with.
As part of my Karcher Ambassors role I have been sent the K65 cordless electric broom to try out.
This is a cordless broom which is designed to clean all floor types – rather handy as my downstairs alone has carpet, tiles and wooden flooring.
It comes with two different brushes, one specifically for pet hairs!
This cordless broom replaces the need for a dustpan and brush and is far more effective too, sucking up the dirt and mess instead of sweeping it to another place.
It is really rather light and quite compact.  There is a telescopic handle which can be adjusted in height. 
To set up you just insert the handle, place in the battery and attach the required brush and once you have charged the battery you are ready to go – I was rather inpatient and wanted to use it straight away but sadly there was only enough power in the battery for half my hallway.
Once charged this battery lasts approximately 30 minutes, long enough for me to hoover the downstairs of my house.
Changing the brush is very easy thanks to the easy release system and it can actually hold rather a lot before it needs emptying.  To empty you need to press the button on the back of this and the front flips forward revealing a removable dustpan.
The only downside I can think of with this item is you need to plug the whole unit into charge, in some cases (depending on where your plug sockets are located) it would be easier to be able to remove the battery and just plug that in.
This is great for getting out after the kids have finished tea to pick up the stray crumbs and is far quicker than getting the hoover out!  It doesn’t get into the corners or right up to the edges though so wouldn’t replace my hoover but I was very surprised at how effectively it was able to pick up the dogs hairs though!  It is really effective at picking up too – obviously not large items such as paper but all crumbs, dogs hairs, blooming loom bands and other kids general mess.
With a RRP of £69.99 it isn’t a cheap item however it is used here daily so would be a good investment if like me you live with messy kids.
You can out more about this and other Karcher products on the website or you can follow on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
Disclaimer: I was sent this item for review as part of my Karcher Ambassadors role.


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5 thoughts on “Review: Karcher Electric Broom K65

  1. Just to let you know, the battery can be removed from the unit to be charged…….you don't have to plug the whole unit in.
    If you find the battery life is not long enough to complete the whole house, you can buy a second battery from Kärcher……

  2. i would love to try this. as i have small grand kids. and a dog that sheds from hello mother. constantly vacuming. thanks.

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