Review: Summer uniform from Ecooutfitters

Woo hoo we’re having a heatwave…..well that’s what we have been promised anyway, I personally will believe it when I see it.
That said we are now well into the Summer School term and Summer uniforms are being worn.
For Emmy that means a Blue and White checked Gingham dress with White ankle socks.  I usually grab the 2 for £7 offer ones in the supermarket but it is a false economy for us really as I’ve found they are too tight in the upper body and they are hard for her to put on and take off herself, this is a huge problem on P.E days where they need to do it themselves as the teachers can’t help 3- children get changed.  For this reason I had been buying aged 6-7 dresses but this didn’t solve the problem, they were just bigger everywhere else and the poor love looked like she had gone to School in an oversized sack – not a good look when you are 5 really.
Ecooutfitters recently sent us their Organic Cotton Summer dress to try with Emmy and it has a much better fit, thankfully.  I still went for the size 6-7 but it doesn’t drown her like the others had and she is actually able to put this on herself and take off again – the teachers are relieved.
I’ve taught her that stepping in is a better and easier way and although she finds the buttons tricky so gets there in the end.
I would be nice to see this dress with a front zip for younger children instead of the buttons which it comes with as lets face it children are always in a rush and are impatient too.
These dresses are made from 100% pure organic cotton and I can confirm that after a good few washes they have retained their shape and colour and there is no fading, sadly they are dresses which look better with an iron run over them due to the heavier cotton, those of you who know me know that I don’t iron so if you see Emmy at School I apologise now as I just don’t have enough hours in the day!
This dress is made from organic cotton and features a cute lace detailing to the sleeves, collar and around the waist which is finished with a lovely bow.  It is very well made, hard-wearing and washes beautifully.  Emmy is especially taken with the pockets in the sides which I keep finding filled with stones from the playground.  Priced at £18.95 it isn’t the cheapest of School dresses but it will last throughout the Summer term, and could possibly be passed down to younger siblings or a friend after (Emmy is growing like a weed so it won’t fir her next year).
A little about Ecooutfitters:
“Ecooutfitters is a new and dynamic ethical and sustainable school clothing company set up by two mothers, passionate about improving the standards of school uniforms that our children spend so much time wearing.

This project came about after our children started primary school, when we realised, that, alarmingly, most of their school clothes contained dangerous chemicals treated with stain resistant, crease resistant, Teflon coatings, which can be very harmful for their health, and the environment.

Children wear school uniform for at least 35 hours a week, so, naturally, these are the most important items of clothing in their wardrobe. Unfortunately, most of school clothes are made from either a polycotton mix or plain polyester, which is essentially plastic – a substance derived directly from crude oil. These fabrics aren’t sweat absorbent, don’t allow the skin to breather, trapping heat, which can trigger rashes and aggravate skin conditions such as eczema.

To address this concern, Ecooutfitters developed a range of school uniforms, which are ethically made, healthy, durable, sustainable, and practical too – all made from 100% pure organic cotton, certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards), which guarantees that the whole supply chain from field to final product meets rigorous environmental and social standards”
Disclaimer:  We received this item in exchange for an honest review – as always all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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