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A little while ago I received an email from a company called Banner Buzz, they asked if I would be interested in reviewing their vinyl lettering.
I had a quick browse of their site and they offer vinyl’s for cars, vans, windows as well as walls.
I do love wall stickers as you will have noticed from when I recently decorated Emmy’s bedroom.
I knew I wanted something to go into Harry’s room although I was actually unsure what.  So I set the company a little challenge.
I emailed them back asking if they could design something for me – I tasked them with coming up with a nautical theme, using an appropriate font with the wording “Ahoy there captain Harry” – and I left it with them.
They accepted my challenge and set to work.
What better way to show a company knows what it is doing then letting them show you a font style and design they can create themselves, afterall they know their site best.
A few days later I received an email with this proof:
I was over the moon, it was wonderful however not quite right.  I emailed back and asked if they could change the colour to a dark blue.
Later that day another proof was emailed across and it was perfect – it was made and dispatched the very next day.
It arrived very quickly and was packaged in a cardboard tube very well sealed (a little too well as I needed a knife to open it).  The one downside is it comes without instructions – this was fine for me as we have lots of wall stickers around the house, however if you are new to these it is always nice to refer to some instructions first.
The vinyl’s come attached to a clear sheet of film with masking tape on the back, you need to carefully peel off the clear film and attach to the wall with the masking tape – the tape sticks to the wall which helps to keep your lettering/design in place.  Once down run a credit card or a ruler across the tape to help secure the design to the wall.
Easy enough for children to do!
Next you carefully peel back the masking tape and that’s it!
Very simple but it looks amazing.
Harry adores his new wall décor as does everyone who has seen it.
The quality if great and the service is next to none.
There are endless possibilities of creations you can make using this sit – you can upload your own artwork or use the designer tool.
Please visit for further information and prices.  You can also find them Twitter and Facebook – if you like them on FB you can get £5 off your order too!


Disclaimer: We received this item in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own and unbiased.
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