Rocking around with a SING Karaoke party #SINGMovie review

With the brand new kids feel good movie Sing hitting cinemas from Friday 27th we celebrated the release with a home Karaoke party last weekend thanks to Universal Pictures, armed with a Karaoke machine, lots of music, the Sing soundtrack and Sing jackets the kids were a tad excited to say the least.

Sing follows a group of animals, who enter a singing competition hosted by a Koala called Buster, who hopes the funds raised will save his theatre. There’s a character for everyone – a shy elephant with stage fright, a busy mum, a sensitive gorilla, a punk rock porcupine.

Sing movie review

Donning their jackets, oversized glasses and rocking out on a blow up guitar hysterics took over and we couldn’t stop the laughter flowing.

We’ve discovered that NO-ONE in this house can sing and we certainly aren’t cut out for a career busking or singing on stage but it didn’t stop us all having a giggle and the karaoke machine is the first thing the children reach for when they get up and when they come home from school.

Before Christmas we were invited to the London premiere of this movie, unfortunately we already had plans so friends of ours went in our place.  Here is what they had to say about the movie:

Sing Movie – a review by Kelly Hall

“Sing! A fabulous feel good, foot tapping movie which amused us all. With a wide variety of colourful characters from the small mouse, Seth with the ‘wideboy’ attitude which was much bigger than his stature to the timid little house wife and mother, Rosilo, who gave up her dreams to fulfil her life as a mother and wife.

It showed the struggles of Buster Moon trying to keep hold of his failing career with his trusty friend by his side.

Johnny betrays his family ties in a life of crime to follow his dreams to be a singer and Meena has a talent larger than life but has serious confidence issues.

The film showed a variety of every day issues and struggles but with a fabulous feel good factor. The songs were upbeat, the story was simple but heartfelt and it genuinely left you with a warm glow and smile on your face.

The entire family danced and sang along and really enjoyed the whole movie.

Well done Sing! Bring on Sing 2!!”

Well that’s done it for us and I can’t wait for it to be released on Friday so I can take the children to see it for ourselves.


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