Signs your still there…and a BIG THANK YOU

It’s now been 4 months since my Mother-in-Law very sadly passed away.  A horrid time for us all, as you know Emmy didn’t cope at all well and suffered nightmares, unsettled sleep and spent most of the Summer holidays in tears.  I took the Summer off blogging really as my family needed me more and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who supported us during this dark time, those who came round to talk, or not talk as was more the case, just being there helped.  Those phone calls when I was at my wits end not knowing how to help my family grieve and how to relieve their pain, and the messages from you – my readers, friends and strangers – I received so many emails, twitter DM’s and private FB messages off of people I didn’t know, people wanting to offer support, comfort and to help me to help Emmy.

I would like to thank you all individually but there are too many of you, so from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU

You helped to keep me going, to keep me strong and to be my comfort when I was just that for my family.  You didn’t forget that I may need some help too and again I Thank You – and to the PR’s who sent little cheer us up gifts and just because gifts – YOU ROCK!!! Thank You.

We are OK, we are missing Anne/Mum/Nanny terribly still but we are doing OK.

Emmy is sleeping again, it took a while and lots of cuddles, reassuring and just being there.  She does cry for her Nanny still, we all do – it’s only natural and that wont stop.  We read stories of heaven and look up to her star.  We talk about her daily and say her name all the time.

We are making sure to keep her memory alive and to remember the happy times with the children.

We have all felt Nanny/Anne with us at times over the past few months – a flicker of the lights, a feeling or a light touch, we know she is there watching out for us all.

Paul was feeling very low and sad one evening and he suddenly smelt her perfume and instantly felt at ease.

I was making pasties one morning in my kitchen, something Anne taught me to do, and when we made them together we would make them for the whole family.  I was prepping the veg and making a huge batch for all the family to enjoy and had just started on making Paul’s Dad’s one when the lights turned on in the kitchen (I hadn’t touched them and no-one else was in) then I smelt Anne’s perfume wafting around the kitchen and moments later the smell of onions filled the room.  I had forgotten to buy onions as Paul doesn’t like them, however Phil always has onions in his pasties.  As quickly as the smell came, it went again and the perfume smell returned – frozen to the spot I just cried, not a scared or sad cry but happy tears that she was watching over us.

I’ve never been a believer in these sorts of things before, never disbelieved rather neutral really, I’d never experienced anything like this before but I can honestly say that I believe we are being looked after by our Angel.

Emmy has said she has felt Nanny cuddling her and stroking her hair and Harry has had a conversation or two – talking to himself in his room and when you ask him about it he says he is ‘talking to my Nanny Knitting’ – who really knows if these things are our subconscious willing them to be true but they are a comfort and we are glad we’ve signs of you.

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