Silver Cross Pioneer 5 in 1 Dolls Pram

I was rather sad when my pushchair days were finally over and Harry point blank refused to get in, we held on for as long as we could however by the age of 2 he walked everywhere.

All was not lost though and this house still has pushchairs only much smaller ones for Emmy’s dolls.

Emmy has a huge love of dolls, even at nearly 8 years old she will happily play for hours, changing their clothes, feeding them and pushing them to the shops in her pushchairs.

The newest addition to her ever growing collection of buggies (like Mother like Daughter! At one point I had 5 pushchairs for Harry) is the Silver Cross Pioneer 5 in 1 Dolls Pram from Play like Mum.

This dolls pram is modelled on the real versions but of course smaller. Just like Mummy’s prams, you can adjust the soft grip handle in 3 positions depending on the height of your child – the handle adjusts from 44cm to 76cm.

This very cute pram can be used in a carrycot style parental facing or world facing or it can be converted to a pushchair which can also be used parental facing or world facing by just pushing together the push studs which will hold the structure into a chair shape.

Emmy loves to have her dolls facing her, as I used to when pushing her or Harry in theirs. This means she can chat with them, lay them down when asleep or just keep an eye on them.

There is a basket under this pushchair which is a lovely size and Emmy helps to carry the shopping home by placing a few items in her basket.

The hood can be removed completely or comes down in 3 positions and it also features an adjustable bumper bar.

This has fixed back wheels and swivel front wheels to make steering easy.

A lovely item to help encourage role play and of course I am all for children playing with no electronic toys and staying true to their age groups as long as possible.

It also folds to make storing easier or so you can put into the car and take with you to extend play. Emmy loves taking her dolls on our days out with us.

Available in pink or grey for £59.99. See the full Silver Cross range here.


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