Sudocrem Moisturising Mousse review

Sudocrem are well known for Nappy rash creams and it has been used in this house many a times over the last 2 years.

They have now brought out a moisturising mousse for kids and babies which I have been sent to try out with Emmy.

As Emmy is toilet training at the moment (we have almost cracked it) I have done away with Nappies completely and she now wears pull-ups to bed as to not confuse her, I have however found that this causes dry patches at the sides of her legs where the pull-up seam lays.  I have been using this mousse on this section of Emmy’s body to see if it works or helps with the problem.

It comes in a 150ml tin which should be shaken before use, you then squeeze the mousse into the palm of your hand before moisturising into the skin.

I would say be careful when pressing the nozzle as it comes out rather fast and you’ll end up with far too much in your hand – I did a few times.  The foam resembles shaving foam however doesn’t smell and isn’t sticky to touch.

It rubs in well to the area of skin it is applied to and doesn’t leave your hands feeling like you must go and wash them immediately like with many children’s moisturisers.

This is Hypoallergenic and keeps the skin intensively moisturised for up to 12 hours.

I have been using this on Emmy’s dry skin for almost two weeks now and the dry patches on her legs have disappeared, she like it so much that I have started using all over her body after her bath.

She even likes to help:

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