The arrival of Eddie Elf

Eddie arrived this week and he came baring gifts for the children – well it was December 1st so he had to bring their advent calendars.

I had decided early on that Eddie wasn’t naughty – he is here to play with the children.  They are allowed to touch and play with him, but at bedtime he has to go back on the shelf for his nightly chats with Santa.

He has been playing hide and seek this week and the children have had to find him, excuse the shaky pictures it’s Emmy’s job to take a photo when she finds him.

As an after school Friday treat Eddie bought Emmy a paint your own Fairy kit and Harry had a few little paints and a new paint brush.  He had told Santa how good they had been all week.

Harry isn’t too bothered by Eddie’s appearance however Emmy is rather taken by the lovable little chap.

Elf Escapades

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4 thoughts on “The arrival of Eddie Elf

  1. I love that Emmy has to take the photos when she finds the elf. Ethan isn't that bother by the elf and it is more of a game for me and Darren at the moment. Hopefully next year Little E will love it too x

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