The final weeks of school – the fun weeks

We are now into the final weeks of term for the children, Harry is approaching the end of Reception and Emmy the end of year 3.

This week they have had a moving on morning where they both spent time in their new classrooms and met their new teachers. This always brings a mix of emotions for us all – I spent the whole day on tenderhooks worrying who they may have and hoping they were nice and the kids were apprehensive about this move too.

Harry has formed a lovely attachment to his teacher, he was a newly qualified teacher when Harry started in Reception and having a male teacher has been great for Harry. He has had a calming influence and actually managed to get Harry sitting still, joining in and focusing on class activities – if you know Harry you’ll know this is a great feat in itself. Harry was even star of the day last week for remaining focused all day.

They both seem happy with their new teachers, Harry will still see his current teacher as he is moving up to year 1, although will be teaching another class. I haven’t met his new teacher yet nor have I met Emmy’s. Emmy will have 2 teachers in year 4 – I’m yet to find out how this split will happen whether it’s 3 days with one and 2 with the other, but I will find out soon enough. I am hoping this works out for her and her class – they’ve not had a great run with consistent teaching in their school years yet – starting with a teacher in reception who left within the first 6 weeks to go on maternity and again in year 2 their teacher was constantly off sick then left without returning which really unsettled them all again due to lots of cover staff.

Now all the boring school work is over (mainly), the school reports both glowing they are having lots of fun at school for the final weeks.

Today I attended a Teddy Bears picnic in the school with Harry, we had drinks and snacks and played games on the school field. The kids had their faces painted, ran around, laughed, had fun and even had ice lollies as a treat. It was lovely to watch them all play happily with their friends.

face painting as a Tiger

Tomorrow Emmy is having a picnic on the school field where she can take in snacks and a drink then they will be playing board games all afternoon.

On Thursday she is having a fun day with a sandpit and water fights – they will all wear their swimwear and have a lovely day splashing around and soaking each other – and the teachers.

She then has her sports day on Friday, although she is desperately trying to think of any excuse to get out of it! She hates these types of events and would stay home if she could but it will also be her teachers last day as she leaves for maternity leave. Harry had his sports day a few weeks ago – he had 2 races and came 1st in his first race which was a waiter race and 2nd in his running race.

1st and 2nd place in sports day

The following Monday is a super fun day of non-uniform and an inflatables day where there will be a whole field full of bouncy castles – the winning house for house points gets to enjoy this first as a treat (that includes Emmy) as well as 100% and those with high attendance, then the rest of the school will head out in classes at set points in the day, with school finishing early for the day and we are then all able to enjoy a picnic on the field and the inflatables until 5.30pm if we purchase a wrist band (both mine will be joining in – and parents can have a go too).

A movie day follows where the kids can wear non uniform and take in a U rated movie each, the class will vote for which they will watch. They can also take in blankets and pillows if they wish – Emmy seems to think a sleeping bag is appropriate, I guess she really is planning a proper movie day like we have at home – I on the other hand will not be carrying that to school.

Emmy also had an award ceremony for her year group today where they were all presented with certificated for this school year. Emmy received a ‘Ms Manners’ certificate which is always a great thing as a parent to know your child is very polite – if only she were so at home but that’s another matter I guess.

Infants and Juniors also have a talent show lined up, with class heats happening in the morning and the winners heading into the finals for the afternoon. Harry is planning to show off his roller-skating skills while Emmy currently wants to play a song on the keyboard.

Finally school breaks up early next week Thursday for the start of the summer.

These next weeks, although fun do need me to be very organised – I need to know which days the children have which events, when they need food for picnics, which days are non-uniform days, when they need board games, roller skates and most importantly when I need to be in school to pick them up early – no one wants to be the parent who forgets school closes early!

Thankfully I was sent an amazing Filofax notebook which is helping me to organise not only my working life but the kids school events and my never ending to-do-lists as well.

This is an A4 sized bound-notebook with a difference, it features a ruler attached to the front of the binder but can be taken out whenever needed and clipped back into the notepad so you wont lose it or even used as a page marker, there are also index cards so you can section off the notebook – I have one for my to-do-list, another for competitions I am currently running on the blog or need to schedule as part of my 7th birthday celebrations, one for the kids school events, packing lists for holidays and more.

It is also refillable too which is the great thing about Filofax products. This is priced at £19.99 and available in 7 different colours.

Hopefully in these busy few weeks I won’t forget anything – then onto the summer holidays which aren’t as busy for a change, I have deliberately kept these quieter than usual as I think we really need a rest. It’s not been the easiest of years and we all need to unwind and de-stress, have fun and relax.

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