The Many Colours Of Me.

I’ve been writing this blog for almost 4 years now and you’ll notice a common theme with many of my posts…. They feature the kids mainly.
I’m rarely infront of the camera, I always take the pictures so I’m rarely in them.
I’m trying to change that currently, with the weight I’ve lost during my thinking slimmer journey and the new friends made, my confidence has risen again and I’m doing things for me again.
I’m taking time for me, and looking after myself a lot better and I’m definitely enjoying buying clothes again, ones which don’t hide my figure but show it off.
Today I stripped my hair colour back to its natural colour and will be keeping it that way for a while, I hated my Auburn hair growing up, I hid behind various colours, never quite happy with being just me.  By changing the colour frequently it was like starting afresh and a new change each time, whenever I was bored and wanted a change it was my hair colour to change first.
I’ve had many shades of hair colour over the past years,  here are a few shades of me:

As you can see, all very different,  yet the same person underneath.
Today the person hiding has reemerged, happy and confident of who she is again.
Here I am, this is me!

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23 thoughts on “The Many Colours Of Me.

  1. i have never ben one for colouring my hair tried going black from blonde and had the pink under the blonde before but it ruined my hair and so i dont bother no more

  2. Your hair looks lovely. I am the same, always behind the camera instead of in front of it. I'm glad you have found the confidence to be in the shot x

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