The never ending blogging to do list

I absolutely love blogging, this little online space which I can call my own.
Something which started as a way of sharing Emmy’s pictures and crafts with family quickly evolved and almost 5 years down the line is now how I make a living, it’s opened many doors for me, introduced me to new companies and adventures, provided us with a lot of exciting Ambassador roles, opened the door to freelance roles, managing social media accounts and lots of other exciting opportunities.
However as my work load increases with each passing month all the other back stage stuff which you can’t actually see if just building up around me.

I thought it may be interesting to share this maintaince to do list with you…plus if I actually write it I may get some of it done…before the end of the year:
  • Back up…. I try to do this weekly but it does often get overlooked
  • Get quotes for a move over from Blogger to WordPress self hosted. This has been on the cards for a while now.  When I first started blogging I opened 2 accounts, one on Blogger and the other WordPress, both free accounts as I wasn’t sure which was best. I played around with the two and couldn’t for the life of me work out WP so as a complete newbie Blogger worked for me. Years later and I now use WP for some of my freelance roles and it’s not as scary as it once was.
  • Get a custom made theme after the move,  I’m no designer and this blogs theme was written by a friend and my wonderful header and logos designed by another with the help of the cartoons drawn by the Cartoon Bakery who sadly are no longer in business.

    When I move over I’ll be looking to pass this job over again to a web design company in Essex. I believe in keeping work as local as I can and paying friends wherever possible if I’m unable to do something for myself.  Of course there are free theme’s available but I don’t really want something everyone else has already.

  • Fix broken links. Over time some of the links on a website change, are removed or a company closes down. If I’ve linked to these within a post it creates a broken link. It’s not good to keep these and is a pain for a reader if they’ve clicked through and it leads nowhere
  • Tidy my sidebar and remove old and unnecessary badges.
  • Remove the Linked Within widget which adds related posts under each blog post and replace with another method.  It’s started linking to affiliate schemes randomly and isn’t something I’ve done. I do use affiliate scheme such as Amazon (*aff link) but I want to choose when I use them and will also declare these links in my post so you know
  • Revamp old posts.
    My photography in the early days is shocking so slowly I am editing the old crafts and recipes, remaking with the kids so I can add better pictures
  • Update my media kit
  • Update my about us page and all bio’s making sure the kids ages are correct
  • Create more top tips from a former Nanny, a series I started last year but got brushed aside and forgotten
  • Catch up with linky’s I’ve joined in with and catch up on commenting
  • Find 5 minutes to look into Buffer as a new social media scheduling tool since I’ve lost the love of my previous method
This is just a little snippet of my to do list, it doesn’t include the reviews, competitions and posts I’ve got to write, the emails to answer or photographs I need to take and edit.  I just need a few more hours every day to fit it all in.

“This is a collaborative post”

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