The summers over and I’ve been busy

Finally I have some time to myself again, something which had been lacking recently especially over the summer holidays.
Emmy is now back at School and in year 1 and Harry continues with Pre-School where I have increased his sessions from 3 mornings to 1 morning and 2 full days.  The reason behind this was a little selfish if I’m totally honest, by the time I had walked home from dropping both children at School I had 2 hours before heading back for collection,  not really enough time to catch up on work or begin to complete all the jobs around the house.
Harry was asking to stay for lunch and has loved taking his lunch box and being a big boy and “doing big School like Eggy”.
He is thriving and while it’s only been two weeks (almost), I am ploughing ahead myself but not with the work I had planned to do.  For those of you on my Facebook friends list, or those who follow on my blog FB page – you’ll have seen I’ve been a Mum on a mission, a mission to clean, clear and declutter the house.
This is no easy task as I’ve a bad habit of collecting and hoarding things, I just don’t like to throw away as “they may be needed at a later date”.
Now I’m not sure quite what’s happened but I appear to have turned over a new leaf this week and have spent ALL morning today cleaning, scrubbing,  tidying, bagging up and getting rid of unused, unplayed with and broken toys in the playroom.
Over the course of the morning I’ve bagged up 1 black sack of broken/mismatched and McDonald’s type toys for the bin, 1 black sack of toys for the charity shop and 3 black sacks of toys which I’ve given to a neighbour for her grandchildren.   I’ve pulled everything out and scrubbed, cleaned, hoovered and mopped everywhere until it’s now spotless.  Of course it won’t stay this week however I’m happy.
If that weren’t enough this week I’ve already spent Monday and Tuesday doing exactly the same to my kitchen.  The arts and crafts supplies were sorted and tidied,  all movable units moved and hoovered under and mopped.  All cupboards have been emptied, bleached, sorted out and cleared of clutter which were then binned.
In a bid to declutter and clear surfaces I’ve moved all the appliances which aren’t used daily into the now clear cupboards,  things like my Actifry and Optigrill which are used weekly are now tidily in the cupboards, the hotdogs cooker away and blender and other items which although are used each week are now hidden from view but now easily accessible in the tidy kitchen.  Of course my Tassimo, kettle and my Nutri-Bullet are my most used items along with the toaster so they take pride of place ready to use several times a day.
It was a big job as I’m extremely lucky and have a huge kitchen but after 2 days hard work I can now say it’s spotless again and I hope to keep it this way. (5 bags full of useless, broken and unused items should make it easier I guess).
Next on my to do list is get up to date with the washing, clear my room of clutter and sort the kids clothes then move onto the junk/spare room.
Then I really must catch up with work and paperwork.
I’m not sure what’s gotten into me but at least I’m being proactive with my time.

11 thoughts on “The summers over and I’ve been busy

  1. I have done both the kids bedrooms since them starting school but it has been awkward as Eliza has been half day still. She is FT this week and Sebby is at pre-school two mornings so hoping to get stuff done then

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