“It’s my thing” – trying something new with Robinsons Fruit Shoot

exploding volcano experiement,

Fruit Shoot is launching ‘It’s My Thing’, a campaign designed to celebrate and champion confidence and individualism in kids and encourage creativity and self-expression and for me, this can only be a good thing.

Children often feel pressurised into doing things their peers like, things which their family thing they would like or would be good at. When Emmy was younger all her friends started doing dance classes – modern, street and/or ballet classes locally, I did ballroom dancing when I was younger so we asked her if she wanted to join in too, initially the answer was a flat out NO, she didn’t like dancing so had no interest.  Of course that was fine by us, however, when she saw her friends practising and wearing their tutus she felt she was missing out and wanted to try – she didn’t make it to the second lesson and hated it.

She has no desire to try again, she isn’t interested in it one bit and that again is fine by us.

Her friends go to gymnastics, she hates the idea.

She does do swimming lessons and while she isn’t 100% keen as it is hard work she does enjoy them but for me, this is a life skill which is essential for our children to learn.  She’s also recently started playing girls football at school – they have a choice if they want to join in or not and she is absolutely loving it and if it didn’t clash with her after school art club she would be joining the after school football club.

Children are all individuals, and it goes without saying that as such they will all have something they love more than others either in their friend’s circles or within their family unit.

Emmy loves lots of ‘things’ – just where she has found her own ‘thing’ yet is unknown – perhaps it’s hula hooping as she is rather good at that…

My hula hooping superstar

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Research conducted by Fruit Shoot alongside parents and children shows that 80% of UK parents feel there is too much pressure for kids to live up to society expectations including academic achievements, and that nearly 8 out of 10 (79%) parents say this pressure limits children’s ability to be themselves and discover the things they really love  

Out of nearly 2000 parents surveyed the top concerns for their children were:

  • Growing up too quickly
  • pressure to achieve academically
  • pressure to fit in with their peers.

Thankfully Emmy is a lot like me and is happy to do things at her own pace and things she wants to do. She can be just as happy playing alone in the playground if her friends are playing games she isn’t interested in.

Fruit Shoot recently sent her a lovely hamper of goodies for her try out to see if any of the contents could become her new thing – she was really excited by it all and got stuck straight in – making the bird feeder kept her amused for around 5 minutes but was short lived.

She was far more interested in scaring the birds away from the garden by shouting loudly than she was by trying to identify them in her new book.

Bug hunting is certainly one of her favourite things to do – we’ve been on loads of bug hunting adventures previously and have begun making a bug hotel for our garden.

Both her and Harry love digging for worms and making mud pies in the garden, and if they could bring their ‘pet’ snails inside the house they happily would do.

Of course after a long time chasing bugs around a quick rehydration stop is always needed, Fruit Shoots have always been a favourite in our house as they are easy to grab & go and pack nicely into a bag ready for the next adventure. Fruit Shoot offers a range of no added sugar drinks to help keep children refreshed in a handy bottle with a no-mess, re-sealable sports cap. There are a range of flavours and formulations but every bottle is free from artificial colours and flavours with no added sugar. Fruit Shoot Core is made with real fruit juice and water with vitamins and no added sugar, Emmy prefers the Hydro range which is flavoured spring water with no added sugar – she has to take water into school daily however doesn’t like plain water, these are a perfect solution for her to take instead.

Next up she tried the explosive experiments and she LOVED them  – of course firstly she wanted to try snot making which was a huge flop and didn’t work but she certainly wasn’t put off and had so much fun making an exploding volcano – maybe mad science and experiments is her thing after all, of maybe it’s just making a big mess?

You can see her experiment in action in this short clip below – don’t worry it didn’t hit the ceiling but I did worry for a while, I’m not quite sure how I would have cleaned that up!

Does your child have a ‘thing’ they enjoy yet? Is it different to their friends and how do you help to encourage it?

Why not join in and celebrate your kids’ ‘things’ however fun, quirky and awesome, you can share with Fruit Shoot over on Facebook using #itsmything


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5 thoughts on ““It’s my thing” – trying something new with Robinsons Fruit Shoot

  1. There is definitely a lot of pressure on kids to be a certain way, what a great angle for a ad campaign. The volcano activity looks really good fun as well.

  2. Isaac is very much my scientist and loves to know exactly what is happening and how it all works. Eliza loves dancing and swimming but she hasn’t found her passion yet

  3. Each of my children are VERY different, my daughter is very girly and loves dolls and make up and nature, my elder son is all about Marvel and superheroes and playing with figures whilst the youngest is into planes, trains and automobiles. They all love baking and Playdoh though so they like to get their hands dirty and we do lots of craft, I am pretty sure they would love doing this experiment too.

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